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penguin7710 posted on Apr 20, 2013 at 04:41PM
I am writing a novel about a girl (who is 15, almost 16) and need some names. She lives in some sort of big wooded area. Probably in North America but not present day. It will be like the hunger games sort of place. Her name is Moon. Anyway she has:
*three sisters (two younger, one older)
*two brothers (one older, one younger)
* A mom
*A dog (black lab)
*A best friend
* A neighbor (old crazy women)

I really need names. All I have is a name for one of her little sisters, Fawn
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een jaar geleden StarPotterRings said…
Mom - Mary
Dog - Chester
Best Friend - (boy) John. (girl) Daisy
Neighbor - Agnes.
Hope I helped!