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why oh why are the wrestling skills of the Diva's so bad these days?

as 80% of the diva's today can't even wrestle, as now a days they are meer beauty puppets then wrestlers.
like that Eva Marie for example, why is she in WWE when she not even can Wrestle?
don't get me wrong all the women in WWE are great in what they do, but wrestlers they aren't really
I liked the Diva's meer in the era from Trish Stratus, Jazz, Victoria, Lita, Mikie James, chyna, etc... those where women who really could wrestle
 ricodol74 posted een jaar geleden
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LostPB said:
In my opinion these are the only Divas who can wrestle:

AJ Lee
Alicia Fox

Can't Wrestle:

Bella Twins
Eva Marie
Summer Rae

Someone saw Eva wrestle at Summerslam Axxess and they zei it was painful to watch.I don't understand why the WWE would push Eva and JoJo,who can't wrestle,rather than Paige and Emma who can wrestle.I guess the WWE is all about looks.
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posted een jaar geleden 
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