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posted by madening_mahem
I have just leared that I have ABSOLUTELY no chance with SHINee,(before u read the rest if u do, just know I'm obsessed with them so I took it really hard.)I cried for an Hour, the I mentally beat my self up and seriously lowing my self esteem for another hour, stared at the ceiling and uithangbord for another uur then, I got up to try this and do other thins to get my mind of of's kinda helped and it kinda hasn't, I mean I'm still sad, and I'll always be emotionally compromised, but I'm trying to heal and I still Love SHINee with all my heart, even if I know I won't be with them. now go ahead, tell me how ridiculous I am. I don't care.
My hart-, hart is shattered, it tatters and I'm but an outcast in my mind. My soul has faded and left me, I am but a corpse, walking among the living though I know very well that I am not. The space where my hart-, hart once was aches as my mind brakes, and I slip slowly into the darkness known as despair. I feel nothing for there is nothing to feel, T care for nothing to care for, An I regret nothing for I am nothing. And for she who made me thins, I give her this message, and nothing more.
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