Scott looked up at the sky and watched Iron Man fly over, followed door Spider-Man.
“OOOOH. Where are they going?” Scott quickly sprinted up the straat following them both, and waited for them to land. Scotts ears flattened as Iron Man landed in front of Scott, and Spider-man behind him.
“Kid, what are you?” Iron Man looked at Scott.
“Following you.” Scott replied.
“Well, that’s not creepy.” Spider-man zei from behind Scott.
“It looked interesting!” Scott threw his hands up in defense.
“Listen kid, u don’t need to follow me,” Iron Man looked at Scott then at Spider-man. “and neither do u Parker.”
“I wasn’t following u Tony!” Peter put his hands on hips and glared at Tony through his mask. Scott popped up behind Tony and started his hitting his helm repeated times.
“Is this annoying?” Scott said, still beating on Tony’s Iron Man helmet. Peter let out a small laugh; Scott looked up and leaped over Spider-man.
“Peter Parker, eh? Hmm, sounds familiar. OH WAIT! That’s because I’ve heard it before!” Scott smacked his head. “HELLO SCOTT!” Tony rolled his eyes as Scott held up Tonys arm, “How to u walk in this thing?” Scott dropped his arm, “Looks heavy,” Scott turned to Peter. “Spandex? Really? Sorry, no capes, no tights, no offense.” Peter shot a web around Scott’s mouth.
“That ought to shut u up.” Peter said, smirking.
“MMPH!” Scott tried to talk and pulled at the web. Tony laughed and flew up into air.
“Adiós muchachos.” Tony flew off and Peter followed close behind,
“Bye!” Peter turned around and passed Tony up, Scott pulled off the web and threw it to the ground and started walking back towards the cave.

In case u were wondering, adiós muchachos means “goodbye boys” in Spanish.