He stumbled, falling to the ground. Dark energy pulsed all around. He pushed himself back up, ignoring the pain flowing through him. He'd been gone less than a dag and already was having issues. He fell again, this time staying down.
“Would u like some company?”
He rolled onto his back.
His scythe flashed white and then transformed. Her long blonde hair fell down past her knees, her cat like ears placed on the side of her head. She looked at him with her large red eyes. She was dressed all in black, the red accents drawing your eyes everywhere. She smiled at him.
“Hello master.”
“Hey Freya.”
“We've been traveling. Where are we?”
“For the shield?”
“Then why have we stopped?”
“I need a rest.”
She nodded and came close to him. He smiled at her.
“Is there anything I can do for you, Master?”
“Not unless u can make the pain go away.”
“Where does it hurt?”
“All over. Mostly my back and wings.”
“Would u roll over?”
He groaned and she let out a laugh.
“How am I to help u if u won't let me?”
He rolled over and she placed her hands on his back gently.
“May I remove your jacket?”
He groaned again but let her. She told him to open his wings and he did.
“Thank u Master.”
She smiled and her hands worked on his back and his wings. Dylan closed his eyes, relaxing.
“Why do u work so hard, Master? Aren't there others who can fix the shield?”
“No, Freya. All are too scared.”
“What about you?”
“I'm not scared. I'm petrified. If the Shadows get out, Earth will not survive.”
Freya leaned down and kissed his cheek.
“My Master is the bravest Shadow member there is!”
“Not the bravest, Freya.”
“Yes he is!”
Dylan shook his head.
“Whatever u say Freya.”
“Whatever I say?”
He rolled over to look at her. She was looking at him and the hands that had been on his back now rested on his chest.
“Master...never replace me.”
Dylan blinked. He knew Freya inside and out. She was his weapon, his friend and he was her master. But he had never thought she would say that. Most weapons would have asked for their freedom. But Freya had obviously not chosen that.
“You don't want to be free, Freya?”
She shook her head, her blonde hair whipping around.
“No. I want to stay with Master Dylan. I want to protect Master Dylan. I never want Master Dylan to be hurt. I love Master.”
She came close, resting her head on his. She looked into his eyes.
“Does Master love Freya?”
Dylan looked at her, eyes wide. He knew for a weapon to love it's Master meant undying loyalty to death. Not the kind of love he felt for Phoebe. And it was rare for a weapon to say that.
“Freya, I do love you. And I'm not going to replace you.”
She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck.
“Freya feels happy. Does Freya have a family?”
“Freya, you'll always have a family with me.”