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 Blade and Dante!!
Blade and Dante!!
Also I changed the name of the artikel for reasons you'll find out later on!))

Blade sat there in his arms in shock,"Who-who are you!?"
"Someone u should know, I mean u don't recognize me?"
"No!! I don't know who u are of what u want to so let me down!" Blade demanded.
"Say please!" Dante teased.
" Never.." She teleported out of his hands, behind him,"I'm done here!"

Blade walked away growling,"Who does this fuck-tard think he is?" Her steps were loud and u could pretty much see the heat from anger coming from her face. She was looking down until she hit something. She looked up. There he was."How did u get here so fast!!?"
"Gosh, Blade, did u loose you're brain on the way here?"
"SHUT UP!" She walked around him ignoring the cold. Blade didn't want to take shit from anyone right now, and he was lucky she didn't rip his head off. His footsteps were close behind so she started sprinting down the sidewalk. Dante's steps matched her's as she took a sharp turn into an alley. Screeching was heard as she knocked down some trashcans.

She thought," Why am I the one being chased?" quickly she jumped over a fence not looking back. She ran into the road not realzing there was a car coming. Everything seemed like slow motion from that point.

Blade looked left, her eyes widened, and her body froze, the car inches away. Her mind and hart-, hart was racing. She won't be able to tell Terror good-bye, she won't be able to kill any one any more, she's gonna turn out like her mom and sis-. Blade's thoughts were interrupted door a sharp jerk onto the road. She opened her eyes thinking she'll be rewarded with a picture of her guts spewed everywhere. No. She was okay and a body was ontop of her.

Dante? Again?

She pushed him off growling,"Leave me alone!"
Dante laughed," If it wasn't for me, you'd be dead.. Twice!"
"Maybe I want to be dead!"
" Blade, u don't mean that!"
"Maybe I do!" Blade stood up and turned to leave.
"Before I leave, Dante, tell me who u are? How come u seem so familiar?!"
"Why? Isn't it obvious?" He laughed a bit and looked at her curiously.

Blade was sick of it! She turned and aimed her gun at him. She cocked it and put her finger on the trigger.
"Wow, Blade, I save u TWICE and this is how u repay you're big brother?"


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 I couldn't resist! Cos I believe if they were any MLP characters! Dante and Blade would be Big Mac and Applejack! ;) /)*(\
I couldn't resist! Cos I believe if they were any MLP characters! Dante and Blade would be Big Mac and Applejack! ;) /)*(\
posted by Gunfire
Name: Xerran
age: 17
Gender: male
Apereance: blond hair, bleuw eyes, half lion.(see pick)
Powes: animal sences,animal strengt, retractebel claws.
Personalaty: loyal, impulsif, always protects his friends, often dont think and just act on his animal instinks.
Realation to team: he is gunfires long lost twin brother.
History: he is gunfires twin brother, but when he was 5 years old he got lost in the woods around gotham, and after thad got raised door lions. He leand thad is brother was still in gotham a fewe weeks geleden and gunfire told him about the cave, thouw somtings are still stance to hime, beceas he lived in the wild whit the lions fore 12 years.
he speaks normaly englys beceast he leard thad before he got lost.
he is not used to interacting whit pepol well anymore
He hase a knive made out of bone, thad he somtimes uses, thouw he prefers the uses of he owne claws.
posted by XxKFforeverXx
Since my friend left Fanpop....She gave two of her OC's. Metaform. (Because she knows how unhealthy obsessed I am with Kid Flash, and Augury. So..UPADATED BIO'S!

Name: Evelyn West

Alias: Metaform.

Occupation: Hero

Age: 16

Relationship to team: Kid Flash’s twin sister.

Powers: Shape shifting, speedster

Weakness: if she’s in that form for meer than 2 hours, she is permanently stuck in that shape.

Past: Being Wally West’s sister isn’t easy, especially when u find a Kyrptonian clone in your closet. While following her brother on a mission, Evelyn had dumped toxic waste on herself, causing...
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posted by Gunfire
 RA banner
RA banner
OOC: this is an info artecel fore one of the army's in my, gotham war fanfick series.

Army name: Red Army (R.A fore shorte)
Leader: gunfire
HQ: just outside Gotham.
Army sorth: they are a rebel/gurilla army.
Reson they ficht: to bring ekwalaty, freedome, and to protect the common pepol.
Build up of army: the RA mosly consid out of infantry but they also have some atalrie, transpord choppers and transpord truks.
Wapons: the RA infantry is ared with and AK, granades and evry thing they can find out in the fieal, soe opretives use sniperrifels.
Hove they finas they army: they get als ther stuff mosly throuw givets frome suportes and simpatiezers, some of it do they buy it with mony, they earn in varys ways.
Bakround: they RA began a a smal group ex malatry, who folwod gunfire, becaus he gave than purpose agen, in time it grew, and became the sise of a small army, it consit fully out of volanteers, they are al difrend but uneted in ther believe.
posted by SilverWings13
It was past curfew, and SilverWings knew it. She hurried down the straat and into the alley. The telephone booth was almost welcoming compared to the cold, desolate night. She cringed as the computer announced her arrival in a loud, robotic voice. Recognize: SilverWings B-26.
She looked around warily and, seeing that the cost was clear, ran quickly to her room. She shut the door quietly behind her, shut her eyes, and laid her head back against it, sighing with relief.
"What were u doing out so late?" Silver jumped and pulled the dagger from her boot before she saw the intruder.
Sitting on her...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Fly and be free
Fly and be free
He watched her face, looking for any signs of manipulation. But her face was resolute and sorrowful. He felt the fear of her worry. He closed his eyes, forcing himself to believe it was happening. Because it was and for good reason. But that didn't stop the heartache.
"Don't worry; I understand."
Her tears fell and she hugged him, touched him for what very well could have been the last time.
"Thank you. I was so worried.."
"You don't need to be."
She pulled away and looked at him. He gently cupped her face and kissed her forehead. Then looked her in the eye.
"Go and be free of all things, Blade Howard."...
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 ~If I catch this, we'll make it to the championship games...~
~If I catch this, we'll make it to the championship games...~
Hinata pulled off his baseball pet, glb off, running his fingers though his short hair and put his pet, glb back on, keeping the heat off him, as sweat dripped off his face. His team was up door one, last inning two outs, runners on seconde and third.
"You okay son?" The Coach yelled from the dugout,
"Uh?" Hinata looked over at his coach while the other team was in timeout. "Yeah, i'm just a little off sorts today." Hinata blinked and pressed to fingers against his wrist, counting his pulse Great, it's off beat. he blinked the blurriness away and got back into position, Hinata refocused as a pop up was hit....
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It made me think of Blade.. DON'T HURT ME *hides behind brick uithangbord waiting for a shitstorm to fly my way*
dont hurt me
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