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posted by GlitterPuff
The girl walked in the cave, laptop in hands, wearing sweatpants, a T-shirt, and multi-colored socks. She sat down on the couch, her legs crossed, and opened the laptop, setting it in her lap. Immediately, the lock screen showed up, having her type in her password. After she typed it in, the laptop went to the main screen, a picture of her, Rosie, and Maxine appeared in the background. The red head moved the muis pad and left clicked on the documents tab, opening a file about Joker that Zack had gotten for her. Rene put it on full zoom, reading everything over a billion times, getting as much information out of it. She sighed, seeing all the same details as the last document had. She clicked the hachee, hash mark button, making the document page go to the bottom of the screen. The sorceress put the computer on the tafel, tabel in front of her and curled up into a ball on the couch, head between her knees, trying not to burst out in tears. Her laptops screen started to change after not touching it for a few minutes, changing from different pictures of her with the team and school friends. The red head looked over at the laptop and quickly shut it, bring her head back in between her knees.

"Why can't I find anything else?" She zei aloud, talking to herself. Rene grabbed her laptop and stood up, about to exit the cave, when someone touched her shoulder. She looked back, seeing NightWing.

"You okay?" he asked. The red head nodded, smiling a fake innocent smile so he wouldn't pester her. He rose an eyebrow. "You sure?" She nodded again, walking out of his grip and going out the zeta tube, ending up in an alley way in Gotham. She teleported her laptop to her room and zei a spell to put sneakers on her feet so she wouldn't walk around in socks. As she walked onto the sidewalk, her stomach had a sharp pain go through it, like a mes had gone through her. The red head looked down at her stomach and saw the tip of a blade and blood. She turned and saw Joker standing right behind her. Rene growled, falling over a little bit.

"You jackass..." she said, trying to not fall over from the blood loss. He laughed manically.

"Sorry little girl, no time for fighting today. Maybe we can set up a play datum in about, a week of so? Well, off I go. Bye!" He said, disappearing into the alley. The red head stumbled back into the alley and zei a spell while taking out the knife, healing the wound that went through her with the left over energy she was able to conjure up. Blood stains still showed on her white T-shirt.

"Shit," she mumbled as she walked towards her apartment, knowing that Zack might freak out a little. The red head walked into the apartment building, then knocked on the apartment door, remembering that she left the key inside. Her black haired boyfriend opened the door and smiled at her, then frowned seeing her bloody stomach. Rene smiled at him and came inside, grabbing her school work and working on it at the small table. Zack watched her, an eyebrow raised.



"What happened?"

"Nothing," she said, answering short and sweet.

"I don't think nothing happened," he said, looking at the blood mark on the back of her shirt.

"Well, it was." Her red velvet hair surrounded her face as she leaned forward, writing down antwoorden to the vragen on her homework.

"Why won't u just tell me?"

"Because u don't have to know everything."

"And why is that?"

"Cause that's what I said." He stood there silent, unsure how to respond to her answer. The sorceress made an electronic keyboard appear in front of her, a map tonen up in the air. She typed in a few places and located them on the map, then transferred them down to her homework. Zack shook his head and sat across from Rene, watching her plot points on a map. The red head pulled her hair back with a hair band on her wrist, putting it into a super high ponytail. She stood up, put her homework in a folder, shoving all of it into her backpack, and went to the cupboard, grabbing a small bottle. The black haired boy looked at her, watching what she was doing. Rene took out a small pill from the bottle, swallowing it.

"What's that?" he asked her.

"Advil," the sorceress zei flatly.

"Oh… well, u could take ibuprofen. It's stronger." Zack said, trying to help her a little. The red head stayed silent, sitting onto the couch, then getting back up and going to the closet on the corner of the room. She opened the doors, revealing one side filled with swords and javelins, the other with guns and kruis bows; then shut the abruptly, making the walls shake a little bit. Zack watched her the whole time, trying to figure out what was wrong with her. Rene's eyes burst open, running into her room and locking the door shut. She started to tremor, unable to stop. The black haired boy went over and knocked on the door.

"Babe? u okay?" She quickly muttered a spell, making it so no one could get in of out of her room.

"Yeah," she said, her voice shaking, "perfectly fine."

"Can I come in?"

“Um, sure… I guess…” She quickly muttered a disabling spell, allowing him to open the door. Zack walked inside, seeing his girlfriend shaking on the floor. His eyes widened and he quickly knelt beside her, grabbing her hand and squeezing it.

“Rene, Rene, are u alright sweetie?” She didn’t answer, her body shaking still. “Babe how did this happen?”

“Apparently, Advil and not completely healed internal bleeding don’t mix…” she said, chuckling softly. He looked at her, his eyes wide in fear.

“How is that funny?”

“I was, just trying to lighten the mood a little.”

“It’s not working”

“I figured as much,” she said, shaking vigorously. “Will u grab the small purple test tube on the bureau for me babe?” He got up, not wanting to leave her side, and then rushed over to her desk. Zack grabbed the test tube and came back to her, handing Rene the tube.

“Here baby,” She smiled and shakily grabbed the tube.

“Thank u sweetie,” she zei as she popped the top, boven off, quickly drinking the liquid inside. The red head groaned a little as she heard her stomach bubble inside of her. Zack took her into his arms and started rubbing her stomach, trying to sooth it. Rene smiled up at him, holding the hand that rubbed her stomach. He kissed her nose, still moving his hand across her belly.

“Does it feel better?” he asked her. The red head nodded, still holding his hand.

"It's not bubbling anymore, so that's good." He smiled a little.

"How do u stay so positive while your dying?"

"I wasn't dying, that's for losers," she exclaimed, flashing a big smile on her face. "I was merely shaking nervously for about five minuten of so." The black haired boy shook his head and kissed her head.

"My positive girl, how do u do it?"

"It's just who I am babe."

"Yes, it is."
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Source: Webz. But I did pas aan a bit of it!
Okay don't be hating on me for this, I'm not trying to start a fight. I just think that we'd all be better off if we at least read these and thought about them, even if just for a second. I'm gonna say this right now: these are not cut-and-dry rules. door no means am I forcing u to follow them, and there will be exceptions. These are just suggestions, on how to make your OCs well liked and better off. So, with that being said, in no particular order, here are 15 suggestions for making good OCs.
1. Ask yourself if making a new OC is really necessary.. Don't contribute to the overcrowding unless...
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posted by SilverWings13
Name: Vika Vernadskaya

Alias: Czarina -after her mother- (meaning Female Ruler in Russian)

Age: 15

Hair: White, fine, waist length

Skin: Pale

Eyes: Gold

Personality: perceptive; out-spoken; sassy, but polite; sensitive toward others

Civvies: Rose-blouse; light-blue mini skirt; small satchel; white high tops; white knee socks; roze headband with single sky-blue rose

Costume: (human form -rarely used in battle-) black korte mouw half-shirt; black yoga pants; bare foot; black plain gauntlets- fingerless gloves stretching to mid-bicep; black headband and hair up; black choker
(wolf form) simple black...
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Blade-Sheriff Sparks
Terror-Sheriff #2 :D
Wildside Lovers- Tyler/South/Ty and Becca
Mean Billy Green-Phoebe
Sheriff's Posse- Mercy

Oh BTW this placed a little farther back in time so that explains why they use horses..:/ the italic-ed words are the lyrics.. i tried to include some of the song in the dialogue.. but it doesn't mean the people are singing it! it's just the lyrics..


Well this is how it starts
Two lovers in the dark,
On the run, from the one,
That they call Sheriff Sparks,
Six guns door their sides,
And bullets round their waist,...
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posted by ShadowYJ
If people are wondering why I’m making so many OC’s, its for an upcoming project...

Name: Spectrum

Secret ID: Jillian DeRocco

Age: 15

Occupation: Heroin

Appearance: An attractive girl with a pale complexion. Whitish blonde hair waist length, bluish-grayish coloured eyes, skinny and tall.

Personality: A bright and bubbly personality. Is also shy when meeting new persons.

Powers: The Spark that keeps her hart-, hart beating and alive, gives her the powers of throwing very blindly coloured light beams of energy from her hands, eyes, and fingertips. It can act has a laser, light, force field, explosives...
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posted by SilverWings13
Gotham City
July 15, 12:15 EST
Three Years Ago

The breeze was a welcome accomplice on the hot-as-Hades day. It blew past, pulling at her hair, her clothes, the yelps of joy that escaped her and her companion.
The leader of the pair glanced back over his shoulder. She was right on his wheels, so close she could make out his deep sapphire irises. He grinned and looked forward.
"You okay back there, kid?" he called.
"Right behind you, Nic!" Aryess assured him, panting slightly. She peddaled a bit harder, finally matching handle bars with him. They slowed to a stop as the tracks neared and the gaurd...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Since I kind of deleted Nudge.....

Name: Jessica “Jess” Crane
Age: 15
Alias: Sift
Occupation: Hero
Powers: Escape artist
Able to generate force fields
Sift is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. In addition to being a master of kraan style Kung-Fu, which she utilizes in a self-created style of combat known as "violent dancing" which also uses drunken boxing and makes use of her long arms and legs.
Sift greatly understands the power and uses of fear. With this knowledge, she knows how to use words to affect a person's actions, once managing to drive two men to suicide with nothing but words. She also...
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