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posted by Robin_Love
Name: Asmundur “Des” Celos
Alias: Oxpaha
Occupation: Hero/Trainer
Powers: A powerful set of unbreakable, inescapable, invulnerable handcuffs
Skills/talents: Basic straat fighting, all kinds of arsenal, a little bit of martial arts
Appearance: Brown/black hair and dark blue eyes
History:Des has a very strange history. His dad was a cop. His mother was a nurse. Because of their work, he saw little of them and meer of his cousin Reyna Jackson. He is older than she is, but the two grew up playing together. His Father was Latin-Russian which is why his name isn't American. His father was shot on duty when he was older. It devastated him greatly and he dedicated his talents to becoming a man worthy of his father. His mom became unstable for a bit, causing several months of tough alcoholism trials for Des. He took the burden of doing everything for his mom. He got a job and dropped out of school till she got better. He eventually went back to school on his mother's insistence. His identity as Oxpaha is a secret from everyone but his mother, who found out door accident, and his cousin. Because he grew up with her, Des has always been fiercely protective of his precious cousin. He has one power; to make an impenetrable and inescapable object of his choice.
Notes: His motto is Amor et Fidelitas of love and loyalty. He loves his family and is loyal like a dog to those who get close enough. He has a sharp tongue that he often regrets. Because he grew up around Reyna, he has a better time talking with females than males. Des' passion is protecting. He trains himself and Reyna to be better and stronger. He wants to be the ultimate guardian so that no one looses anything ever again.
 Asmundur "Des"
Asmundur "Des"
 Des and Reyna
Des and Reyna
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