So, like I was gonna wait to make this anoother time but, idk when I'll be able to get on again so yeah. Here's some meer boring shit. :p

"Hurry! I saw them go this way."Jake yells and they continue running.
"Not on my watch." Alek pops up out of nowhere.
"We don't have time for you." Khanna bubbles him and they keep running.
"Hey let me out of here!" he bangs on the bubble but, it won't pop.
"Bubbles, never knew u had that power."Jake says as they turn down the volgende hall.
"Yeah, that's cuz I don't usually use it." she says and they find Daniel.
"Hey guys. They have cookies." he says as he munches on one. They facepalm theirselves and notice Rika passed out on the floor.
"What happened?"Khanna asks,
"I annoyed her so much that she went crazy and her knocked herself out." Daniel explains and eats another cookie.
"It was quite funny actually." Superman says,
"Superman! Your okay." Khanna cheers with joy making her eyes turn roze from happiness.
"Yes thanks to Daniel. He gave me water and koekjes, cookies which oddly enough helped." Superman says and the two look at Daniel in cnfusion and shock.
"I told u koekjes, cookies fix everything." he smirks
"Uhhh.. sure. We need to go find the president." Jake says
"He should be somewhere on the fifth floor." Superman says and they go look for him. Suddenly Ari, Jaime, Klei, and August toon up.
"Virgo u came here just on time we need ya'lls help. Did Nightwing send u with instructions?" Khanna asks Virgo and she nods her head.
"Yes, he wants us to find Akito and fight him til he's weak.Then, we can take out the other's and arrest them." Virgo explains and khanna nods her head.
"Great but, we still need to find the president." Khanna replies.
"Alright khanna, August, and Daniel go find the president. The rest of u follow me." She orders and they do so.
"August, I've missed you."Daniel wras his arms around her. August left a maand geleden to find out who her family is.
"So, did u have any luck finding your family?"he asks her.
"They've been in front of me this whole time." she smile and they go look for the president.
"Alright guys let's go find Akito."Virgo says and they go searching for him.

30 minuten later
"Where the hell is he?" Virgo gets frustrated
"Princessa come look over here." Jaime calls her over
"What is it?" she asks
"A keep out sign and it's locked he must be in here." he says,
"Good job blue beetle." Superman says and kicks down the door.
"What in the..? You, how'd u get out of your collar?" Mick gets out of his chair and puts down his cup of Maruchan. He walks towards Superman and he punches him straight in the face. Mick then jumps back up and super punches him. Superman then smirks and grabs his hand throwing him into a wall.
"Ow. u can pass." Mick moans from pain and they walk into the room to find another door with a paswoord lock on the wall.
"If u can figure out the paswoord that is." he chuckles
"Tell us."Jake grabs him door the shirt
"Never." he coughs,
"Let me do this." Libra blasts the pad and the door opens.
"Good job sis." Virgo pats her back
"So u found me. Whoopee. What are u gonna do? Knock me out? Arrest me? It's not gonna work. The only way is to kill me."Akito laughs
"Your crazy ese, u know that right?" blue beetle points at him
"We're not gonna kill u that's against Batman's rules." Virgo tells him
"Yeah? Well I don't go door his rules."Jake says with a fist ready to stempel, punch him. He then grabs him door the overhemd, shirt and gets ready to stempel, punch him.
"If u kill me I'll just use the Lazarus pit again."Akito grins
"The lazaruz pit huh so that's how u came back." Jake clenches his fist tighter and goes in for the punch.
"Jake wait!" Virgo jumps in and all of a sudden she freezes and so does everyone else except for Akito and Jake.
"Mira."Jake turns around and sees her right behind him.
"You thought I was done for? ha" she scoffs
"i'll finish u for good this time." he lunges at her
"Tsk tsk tsk how would your bat brat friend do if u killed me?" she waves her finger and he looks at Virgo.
'If it was u she would be disapointed but, if it was him she might be able to understand." he says and punches her in the jaw making her fall to the ground unfreezing everybody.
"Jake stop." Virgo says as he goes after Akito.
Akito uses his telekinisis to throw him into a uithangbord and then Blue beetle blast's at Akito and it backfires on him.
"Shit." he says and it knocks him out
"God dammit." Virgo says checking on him and then shoots an arrow at him but, he catches and throws her into a uithangbord to. Mira gets back up and wobbles for a bit then banshees screams causing pain to everyone but only knocking out Virgo. Superman then punches Mira knocking her out.
"Here's a present for you." Akito tosses a piece of kryptonite at him and he goes weak. Libra then blasts Akito into a uithangbord and he throws a computer at her hitting her in the head.
"Libra!" Khanna shouts "Jake come on." she helps him up and they get ready to fight Akito.
"The two of u have no chance." Akito smirks.
Jake runs at him uppercutting him in the chin. He then goes behind him and punches him towards Khanna. She then bubbles him and plays and a little game of pinball with him. Eventually the bubble pops and Akito gets up kicking Khanna down. She gets back up fast but, he throws her into a wall. She runs right at him punching him in the gut towards Jake and he headbutts him in the head.
"Wow u have a thick skull just like your brother."he laughs
"Don't talk about my brother u dirtbag." Jake gets angry
"You know he's a masochist right? Especially in bed." Akito laughs
"Grrr! Agh!" Jake throws him into a uithangbord and punches him repetitively until he runs out of energy.
"Come on, kill me. u know u want to." Akito says in much pain.
"Jake don't" Khanna says.
"It's the only way." he says
"No. It isn't Jake." she says and he gets up as Akito passes out.
"You did the right thing."she says

5 hours later
"And we thank these heroes who risked their lives to save our lives." the president has been giving a speech on the heroes saving the Earth once again.
"How do u feel?" Khanna asks Jake
"Eh, i've been better." he responds
"You know u really did save our asses today." she smiles at him.
"Thanks." he says and Ashton walks over to him.
"Great job babe." Ashton hugs him and kisses him on the cheek.
"Thanks babe." he kisses him on the lips gently
"I was thinking we could celebrate with a rom com and some champagne." Ashton suggests to him
"That depends on what the Rom com is." he smiles at him mischievously,
"Whatever u want it to be." he whispers into his ears
"Guys come on not in front of me." Khanna covers her face in disgust.
"Alright." Jake says and then kisses Ashton once more.
"I'm proud of u for not killing him."Ari says to Jake and it makes him feel good.
"No problem. As long as their gone I'm happy."he smiles
"Well, don't worry they all got their own cozy cells in Bel rev." she says ad they all laugh.
"Let's go home pagina babe." Jake tells Ashton and they head home.

Hope u enjoyed it<3<3<3