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posted by khanna266
 The group symbol
The group symbol
hallo I'm going to go on ahead and explain the Aries Army now. Enjoyyyyyyyy!

Group Name:Aries Army
Main Members: Akito Rem,Rika Wade,Alek Wade,Kuro Do,MaryJade Thompson, and Mick DiCaprio
Group symbol: The symbol for Aries

Members physical features:

Akito Rem:Tall,average bodytype,pale,black scruffy hair,and gray eyes

Rika Wade:tall,skinny,peachy skin,light red chair,and green eyes

Alek Wade:tall,muscular,peachy skin,Dark red hair,and green eyes

Kuro Do:tall,muscular,pale,blue eyes,and dark blue hair

MaryJade Thompson:short,curvy,ash blonde hair and blue-brown eyes

Mick DiCaprio: average height,muscular,peach...
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posted by khanna266
hallo everybody,i was actually debating on whether of not I should make this,so I hope u like.Well,I guess here I go.

2:30 am Jake and Ashton's bedroom
*Ring!Rrrrring!Ring!* "Hello."Jake groans,
"Hey there squirt,"A computer voice speaks,
"Who is this?"Jake slowly sits up,
"It doesn't matter right now,what does is that I need u to come to Warehouse 9 alone,with the super bomb."The voice continues,
"I have no idea what your talking about he starts to put the phone down.
"If u love your boyfriend you'll do it!"
Jake looks over at Ashton still sleeping,"When?"
"Now."the person hangs up.
Jake grabs his...
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posted by SilverWings13
 random foxy!
random foxy!
Creature: Kitsune

Origin: Japan ("kitsune" means "fox" in Japanese)

Type: mythical

Lifespan: immortal (technically)

Weaknesses: icy weather of water saps their energy, high metabolisms (meaning they must consume meer food than most humans to stay healthy)

Strength is drawn from: other kitsune, heat, red meat (so... not really vegetarians)

Common traits: quick tempers (especially when around other kitsune), glowing irises at certain times

Summary: First documentation of a kitsune was in the 4th century A.D. as creature of myth in Japan. Full blooded kitsune have the ability to shape-shift into any...
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posted by khanna266
hallo everybody I thought I should write something funny so here goes nothing.

11:00 Am in the woods

"*yawn**howls* Ooh does it feel good to wake up late!"Minion smiled"Time to do something fun!"
He then walked out of the woods into the local park.There were tons of kids playing on the playground and a muscular shirtless guy playing Frisbee with his dog."Hmm"Minion's ears perked up.He then started to walk on all fours,then he was running like a dog and leaped up into the air doing a back-flip grabbing the Frisbee with his mouth."Arf!" he dropped it wagging his butt.The children on the playground...
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posted by khanna266
Saturday 6:30 am Ari and Jaime's apt.
It's already been two months since Paul was born and Ari was ready for another busy day.
"Morning"Ari walked into the keuken-, keuken with a stack of papers between her arm and her side.
"Morning amour."Jaime kissed her on the cheek while frying some eggs.
"Really babe?"Ari frowned
"What?"Jaime looked confused
"You know I'm a vegetarian"
"Huh? Oh these are for me."
"Where's my food?"
"Right here"he was holding a plate of wafels and some fruits.
"Thank u baby"Ari smiled and sat down.
Their baby was sitting at the end of the tafel, tabel sitting in a high chair,and Ari Sat her...
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posted by DiscordYJ
((Idk what I'm doing, but I'm doing something and I'm going with it.))


The word was a shotgun blast to a stained glass window that stood tall above the ceremonial hymnals sang below. It was as if the shards rained down and stuck into those holy notes pinning to them to ground like a crucifixion. But here not even God could save them. No power was strong enough to wipe away the blood, sweat, tears, and death that clung to them like the plague--festering and leaking with pain and suffering, hoping to be coddled door the affection of someone that would only be killed hours later. Nothing could...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Amal's Lamp (her necklace)
Amal's Lamp (her necklace)
Hey. I know. "Oh great. Another one!" Well...I have plans for them all so I want to introduce this one to you.

Name: Raja Owens
Alias: Amal (“hope; aspiration”)
Powers: Ultimate Cosmic Powers
Occupation: Genie
Weakness/Limits: Can only use powers when summoned of wished upon.
History: Amal was created out of hope in the ancient times. She lived for years on end till her physical body was unable to carry her and was dissolved in chaos. Since then she has been embodied into multiple bodies every century. She chooses a different name each time, something close to her own. Amal takes on different...
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posted by godmor
( yes the titel is a play of words on the saing, Don't poke the bear.)

The Shepard house 20:00 (8:00 pm).
Twan stood infrond of the frond door, about to pull his keys from his pocet when he heard a group of people running his direction. He tryd to turn around and look who it were.
But as he turn he felt a sharp pain in his back, unable to tun in time the group came closer, as they reached him he felt the same pian al over his back, he recognized it as the feeling of knives plummeting in his back, he tried to ficht them of, he drew his pistol and fired a few shots, He felt his legs becoming weaker,...
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Oi~ it be me: Cameron.

Omfg, u can talk, wow, they actually are teaching trashcans to talk--wow what a world we live it.

The main point of this is I'm going to lijst off the ships of Blade because I have concluded she is trash. Because I throughly feel bad--why? Because I feel as if this OC has been forced onto people. Which I apologize for because it makes me feel bad because I feel as if I have forced her onto most of you.
Most of this ships are non-canonical..merely crackships, but whatever..

BladexBloodmist -- long story

BladexThirteen -- this was a thing I tried to push before he and Tara...
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posted by godmor
( This is the first of a series of Bio's aimt to explian, companion caraters thad play a part in storys i write, and who therwise micht not get thad explanation.
Beceas they are companion and not full blown OC's, these Bio's micht be sorther than normal.)


Full Name: Boris Ivanof
Nickname: None
Reason for nickname:
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Saint Petersburg
Birthday: 15.3.1982
Currently living in: Gotham
Species/Race: Human
Ethnicity: Cacasian
Blood Type: A
Occupation: Bodyguard, Criminal.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Social Status: Higer midelclass.
Relationship Status: Singel
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posted by SilverWings13
There was a breathless silence between the boys. Even the lantern flame seemed to be frozen, unable to break the silence from its glass house.

"Wh...what?" Leon had finally found his voice.

"I'm sorry, I should have told u sooner. There was no time-"



"No." The small boy was suddenly on his feet. There was no where to run, but there was no hint of fleeing in his tense muscled and clenched fists. It was the lighting quick temper that Tommy recognized from both his sister and father. "No! u are lying."

"I'm not-"

"Yes, u are! I thought u were my ally."

"I'm not your ally, Leon......
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posted by godmor
( I I used the same template fore this bio as i dit fore Gun's. I got a few companion cartaters thad i realized i never explaind them, so i micht make bio's fore thim using this same template, let me knowe if u guy's would be intrested in reading thad?)


Full Name: Tess Shepard
Reason for name: Afther Twan adopted her, they legally changed her last-name to Shepard.
Nickname: Little girl, Princes, Tessy.
Reason for nickname: The first 2 are niknames Twan uses fore her, depending on the situation he uses them either affectionately ore jokingly, Tessy is a nickname thad Harley Quinn has given...
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posted by SilverWings13
I knooooow, I totally let this go bad on the back burner. But I had a few hours to kill on the 6 hours of plane rides to Alaska. Here's a long-ish passage of these cuties to make up for it, for anyone still interested~

Tommy was glad he had spent so many hours training in the snow with the jeeps. Speeding down a trail, winding between the trees, snowflakes blowing into the windshield. His mitch-matched eyes flickered to the rear view mirror, feeling relief at the empty path left behind, no sign of pursuing trucks. He turned his eyes back to the trail, then quickly glanced to the boy in the passenger...
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(The Blade in this fick is Discord's OC blade, just to make Thad clear.)

Just outside small Cafe in Gotham. 19:30 (7:30 PM)
Tess looked at a pickter in her hand, of her target. The Pikter depicted a young woman whit short blond hair, red eyes and fangs.
Tess smiled "this one should be easy to identify.
She walked into the bar and saw the woman cleaning some tables, it seemed the Cafe was empty, tess took a zitplaats, stoel in one of the booths.
The woman Aproiced her. "wat can i get you.?"
"You can get me a coffee beautiful" she siad smiling the waiters, winking at her jus before she want to fetch the coffee....
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posted by khanna266
6:00 am in Jaime and Ari's apartment
"Morning amour"Jaime smiled with a tray of breakfast he made for Ari."Awww Thank u baby."Ari hugged him and grabbed the tray of breakfast."No problemo mi amour.I even made sure to add plenty of meat for our special baby in there."he poked at her belly."Ugh,I really hate eating meat.Sometimes I have nightmares of mama chickens and cows coming after me for eating their children."she fussed,"I know mi amour,but the baby needs the protein." he reminded her,"Sadly that is true"she stared down at her big belly.She couldn't stop thinking how she'll be giving birth...
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posted by godmor
(Afther reading the blade bio update, i got the idea to redo this bio, template whit tanks to Discord)


Full Name: Twan Shepard A.K.A. Gunfire
Reason for name: Beceas his parends gave him the name, and gunfire beceas thad is were he is most known fore.
Nickname: Kiddo, old man Boss, Mister Shepard
Reason for nickname: Kiddo is wat Harley Quinn calls him beceas she took care of him early on in Arkham Asylem and acted kind of motherly over him, and the nickname stuck, she is also the only person alowd to call him Kiddo, he gets mad if anyone els does it, Old Man is wat Tess calls him often...
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Full Name: Blade Serenity Howard
Reason for name: The name came from her father's best friend who died from lung cancer.
Nickname: Kiddo, B, Bladey-boo
Reason for nickname: Dante has always called her kiddo. B is a shortened version of her name. And Bladey-boo was gegeven door literally everyone.
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: ster City
Birthday: December 19, 1994
Currently living in: Gotham
Species/Race: Vampire
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Blood Type: O
Occupation: Waitress as a small café.
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Social Status: Lower - middle class.
Relationship Status: Single
Status: Living....
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posted by khanna266
The sun had just started to shine when the little blonde woke up.She got up out of bed and went across the hall to open her brothers door.She then tiptoed to his bed and saw his face smushed into his hoofdkussen, kussen drooling with his hair all messy."Daniel."she poked at him whispering,"Daniel"she zei again a little louder,but this time shaking him."Ig,nug,ma"he slightly spoke,"Huh?Daniel what are u saying?"the little blonde looked confused.She then decided she was gonna have to do this the hard way.She got up onto his bed sitting on top, boven of him.She then grabbed his overhemd, shirt and started to shake him."Daniel!...
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posted by godmor
Shepard's home pagina 2:00 am.
Twan laid in his bed volgende to Mafia slightly snoring, when he heard a sound near the window, he quickly pulled the pistol from underneath his hoofdkussen, kussen and amt it at the window before putting on the light, as the licht flickerd on he saw a familiar figer standing in the room, he lowered his gun puting it back underneath his pillow, he got out of bed wearing just his underwear and looked at the person "dam it Jade, why cant u just use the door fore once?"
Chesire smiled behind her mask "beceas this is meer fun"Twan sichted "you are gona get shot doing this one day"
Jade laughed...
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posted by SilverWings13
The child clenched his jaw and pumped his arms to gain speed. He suddenly changed course so that he was running with the wind and snow at his back rather than against it. But the predator was gaining, closer and closer and closer and the boy had the wind knocked out of him as something lunged and collided with him from behind.
The two tumbled down a slope and came to a stop on the bank of a rushing river. The child tried to get up, but the one who had jumped at him was know pinning him face down. He was unable to verplaats except to turn his head out of the snow to breath. He tried to cry out for...
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