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posted by BladeYJ
This is very gory.. not really scary.. but bloody.. SO PLEASE IF u DO NOT LIKE GORE.. do not verplaats on.. actually it isn't even that bad..

Blade waltzed her self around The Cave bored, her voice echoed as she called a hello only to be rewarded with a chilling silence. "Well.." she huffed as she sat on the divan, bank staring at the black screen of the television,"Nothing to be done here.. Why can't anything exciting happen?" her eyes blinked as she half expected something to pop out, but of course nothing did. She soon fell asleep, letting slumber devour her.

Waking up in a sweat Blade gradually,...
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posted by BentleyYJ
Interviewrer : hallo so this week I'm interviewing one of gothams most mysterious ( cheeks redden a bit and says idiotically in love ) and one of the biggest hart-, hart throbs Bentley Thompson I mean uh nice ( cheeks redden more)

Mclovin: he has a girlfriend u know....Ughhh don't think silver will let u flirt with her man...

Bentley: hart-, hart throb?...( looks at both of u confused)

Interviewer: so Bentley whats your favoriete colour?

Bentley: umm.... ( shrugs) well I guess black I dunno

Interviewer: yeah black suits you....( stares at u lovingly)

Bentley: ( looks at u confused ) I have a girlfriend...
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Things u should never do

1.Call me a terrorist just because I'm Muslim (unless u want me to put a bomb in your car)

2.Call me Cutie pie (the last time somebody called me that they ended up with a black eye)

3.Never and I mean never touch my motorcycle.(Bad things will happen to you)

4.Don't dress up as me for Halloween and say your definitely dressed up as the scariest thing there is.

5.Mock the way I talk.

6.Don't try to tell me I'm the worst athlete ever,because I'm the giving best you've ever seen.

7.Don't touch my bier it's only for me to drink.

8.Say that I'm only smart because I'm half asian the last time someone zei that they were stuck in the hospital for 2 months.

9.Try to piss me off for fun

Never and I mean NEVER touch my boyfriend.
posted by MafiaYJ
"It doesn't make any sense Ethan! They are real! I know it! I've seen them! AND I TRIED TO KILL THEM!" Babylon shouted from the zitplaats, stoel she was in. Ethan paced in front of her, glancing at Adrian who, for once, looked serious.
"Ethan." Babylon snapped. Ethan paced.
"ETHAN!" She screamed hysterically. Ethan stopped and he and Adrian looked at her. Babylon was not supposed to scream that way. She was supposed to be calm and wise, like they were. Sure, have her quirks and the like...but not like this.
"Babylon, dear. u need to relax. We..we are going to figure something out." Ethan stated. He knew...
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posted by MafiaYJ
"You have to find her, and bring her here."

"Why must we make her one of us, would it not be easier to take her only when we need?"

"Oh, and have turn on us if she chose to? No, we need her on our side if we wish succeed."

"But how do I do it? She cannot die, can she?"

" *chuckle* humans cannot kill her. No one zei anything about us."

"And if it doesn't work?"

"Well we'll never know if we don't try. So get out there. And bring us Babylon."

"Yes master."

"But be careful, she is meer powerful than she seems."

Babylon was running, blindly. She did not watch where she ran, of what she ran into. She stopped...
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posted by MafiaYJ
Babylon stared at the clock, 3:54 am. She sighed, running her gloved fingers through her messy hair, another night with no sleep. But she wasn't going to risk it. Yes, she woke up tired, from no rest, but if she did sleep, her memories/nightmares, woke her, making her feeling even meer tired than she did that night.
She facedesked, some stacked papers fluttering to the floor. Babylon stood up with another sigh and decided that maybe if she went home, to her real home, the Magic House would protect her, even if it be momentarily. She slipped on a trench coat, and slipped out of the room. She...
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posted by MafiaYJ
Name: Babylon (Last name Unknown)
Nicknames: Babs, Lonnie, Bee

DOB: June 6, 1666
Age: Immortal, looks 19

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown

Relationship: Single

Affiliations: None yet
Status: Trying to be a Hero

Hair: Black Eyes: Born with red eyes, but changes them to brown Height: 5'7

Background: Born to a nun, the nun ran knew she'd be expelled of worse. Other nuns knew of this as well, and feared Babylon when she was left at the orphanage, due to the jaar of which she was born. So she was named Babylon, after a city in the bible that was known to be great evil. She out taken in, for it was the nuns'...
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posted by FangYJ
 Look at dat.
Look at dat.

Name: Unknown.
Alias:: Cadaver.
Occupation: VILLIAN!
Powers: None! But has sword skills, marksmen and all that good junk.
Past: Cadaver is a clone of Fang......that is all. Created to set and destroy the Adams family...Mr. Clone doesn't take no for an answer and won't let anyone get in his way. Even if it means taking his own life.
Other: Easy to set off temper.
-Really isn't afraid of anything...
-Looks EXACTLY like Fang, acts different.
-Has a thing for Ciel..this should be fun.

THAT, is all :3
posted by WingsOfDeath
"Here u go dear." Devin handed the ten jaar old child a gremlin/Frankenstein looking creation. It had floppy cat ears, different sized button for eyes, and different scraps of fabric holding the body together. An evil grin spread across the bulbous head, almost enough to creep out Fang.
"Thank u mommy!" Mel squealed in delight.
"This will chase the monsters away." Devin kissed the child's head. Mel giggled, planting a kiss on her mother's cheek.
"Goodnight dear." Devin wrapped her arms around the small child, kneeling down. Mel wrapped her arms around her mother, giggling.
"His name is Jackson....
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posted by MafiaYJ
The waiter watched for a second. Looking at the quiet girl sitting in a corner booth in the diner. All alone. She looked a bit dressy for being at a diner. A grey dress that hung to her curves, and a blue blazer. And to him, she was actually very pretty, and lucky him, she was in his section. had he been one of his friends, he would have strut over and flirted focusing on nothing but her figure. But he had a bit meer respect, u know?

"Hello miss! my name is Philip, i'll be your server today. What can I start u off with?" he was almost surprised when a matching pair of tired brown eyes looked...
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posted by khanna266
name:Kareem Blackwood
age;17 physically,but he is immortal so his actual age is 1,708
powers:Transforms into lion with an unusually long roze tail,superspeed,poisonous bite,reads minds,and can turn anyone immortal door focusing all of his energy towards that person.

*He met Daniel and Lily in the woods(read Somewhere only we know to understand better)and Daniel got him onto the team,but Kareem imprinted on Daniel's little sister Lily and didn't tell him because he's scared what Daniel may do to him.He came to America from Sierra-Leone,because he didn't want to see anymore of his loved ones die.

>He loves tea,spicy tuna,jogging,music,and basketbll

>he dislikes people who are coldhearted and selfish,beets,and war

>he enjoys going to orphanages to make kids feel happy and bring them brownies and other treats.
posted by khanna266
 I couldn't find any blonde little girls
I couldn't find any blonde little girls
"Big Brother,Wake up!"Lily poked at her older brother with her toy wand."Ugh!Five meer minuten mom."he grunted and rolled over facing towards the wall."I'm not your mommy,silly.I'm your wittle sister"the little blonde laughed.Daniel rolled over facing towards her and looked up at her with one of his bright baby blue eyes"That's right u are.Besides your too short to be my mommy."he joked and Lily laughed in the adorable way she always did.Daniel then put on a overhemd, shirt and threw Lily over his shoulder."Daniel what are u doing?"she laughed as her braids fell hanging upside down."I'm kidnapping...
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posted by khanna266
 park wearing civvies
park wearing civvies
name:park symphony
power(s):sings muziek that controls her enemy,levitation,and *bloodance
civvies:black and blue dress(changes her outfits a lot)
herocostume:long black and blue dress black boots
BG story:park ran away from home pagina at the age of 6,because she did not like her parents and a nice young lady took her in for a while and taught Park how to play piano and violin and she learned that she had a great gift to muziek and had grown powers that came from her music,so she then joined the young justice kids,and became Goodgirl.
<3<3<3 hope u liked it :)
*bloodance is when she plays her violin really fast and makes the villain dance so much he starts to bleed to death.
Raven and I made this little precious I call him my precious because he is my precious and yayyyyy... hehe...

Name: Barrette James Andreevich
Alias: Mad Emotion
Age: 15
Appearance: wavy red hair, yellow-green eyes, bronze wings, pale, tall and thin
Powers: flight, can feel other peoples emotions door touching their hands
Personality: Cocky, lovable, tenderhearted, a little crazy and is totally up for fun
Civvies: Leather jacket, blue tee-shirt, jeans, sneakers.
Hero 'stume: Black body armor with red highlights, black combat boots.
Bio: varen, fern and Nikita's son from the future. After the death of his mother shortly after his first maand of life, he was kidnapped door the School. Once he escaped at age thirteen, he found his father again, and joined the hero industry. He came back in time to prevent the death of his mother.

RP? No RP? Merh don't care.
posted by HarmonianYJ
~{A/N}~ Ciel's POV. *Bows* Enjoy. ~{A/N}~

I am the shadow, and the smoke in your eyes,
I am the ghost, that hides in the night

I watched from the shadows, the young girl sitting in the window still. The long window was open, letting in a cold breeze, and snow. Her eyes narrowed at the distance, scars obvious in this light.
"What do u want." She spoke.
"Why are u down here?"

Boom-Lay Boom-Lay BOOM!
Boom-Lay Boom-Lay BOOM!
Boom-Lay Boom-Lay BOOM!
Boom-Lay Boom-Lay BOOM!

I shook my head, laying the picture face-down on the desk. The memory would hurt me meer than I already was, and I wasn't ready for...
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posted by BloodyMascara_
So, I know there are like, a million OC's now, but this is my new main OC

Name: Katana Shay

Alias: N/A

Occupation: Hero

Appearance: White hair that reaches her thighs. Eyelashes and eyebrows are also white. Blood red eyes. Pale.

Civvies: Hero suit

Hero Suit: Picturesssss.

Powers: Can use her blood as a weapon she can morph.

Skills: Agile. Good with knives. Martial artist. Flexible.

Past: Katana grew up as a prisoner in Siberia. Her hair turned white when an experiment was done on her endurance. Her power was discovered there. When she bled, she could morph it, and use it as a living weapon. Katana always...
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posted by Robin_Love
“I'm so glad u all could be here. Seeing as this is your last day, we may as well make it short.”
“You're a monster Amber. u always were!”
Becca cringed at the sound of skin hitting skin. She grinded her teeth together, letting a low growl peep out.
“Amber, u better NOT have just slapped her,” Becca warned menacingly.
“What can u do warrior? You're bond just like-”
Amber suddenly cut herself off with a laugh. Becca wished she could close her ears.
“Oh no. This is...this is too good! Devin!”
Amber laughed again as an air of confusion fell into place. Each person waited...
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posted by MafiaYJ
((sorry it is so short))

5 years ago:
“You cannot leave us SUKA*! How dare u even suggest that to me?” Malafik shouted at Mafia. His eyes angry and it made Mafia want to fall to her knees and cower. But she would not, she had to much pride to do so. And what he did to her parents made her meer valiant. She would not back down. “I want to get out Malafik. I was born into this, it was never my choice. And u know it.” Her last words came as a hiss. Malafik narrowed his eyes at her tone, “You dare speak to me in such a way! Zmeya**!” He lifted his snake staff and swung it at her....
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Artemis panicked as she hung up the phone. If u Luke found her like this he'd be mad...She helped her unconscious mother out of the closet to her bed. She made her way to the keuken-, keuken where, where they kept the first-aid kit. She began rushing to clean up the small, but numerous cuts. Several bruises were exposed on her volgende and midriff, from being chocked and kicked at.
Someone knocked on the door. Artemis looked up. "crap..." She muttered to herself. And before she could respond the door opened and Luke walked in.
"Arty. u ha-" Luke stopped, looking at her. Noticing all her injuries....
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posted by Robin_Love
She walked along the edge of the beach, the slight breeze running through her hair. The sun was starting to set in the distance. The water tagged her toes, racing to get away and then running back again. Birds chirped a few harmless melodies from their trees, serenading her. The peace was effective and calmed her worried thoughts. She found a grouping of rocks and sat on one. The winds gentle fingers pushed the hair away from her face, sending a shiver through her. She looked down and her eyes flashed orange. brand sparked to life. Her eyes turned white-blue and the wind grew stronger at her...
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