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"You're awake?"
Aryess nodded without taking her eye of the view through the floor-to-ceiling tinted windows of the sky scraper.
The man walked up and stood beside his sister, examining her out of the corner of his eye.
The teen wore loose sweat-pants and a black tank-top. She had tied her hair back in a braid, allowing full view of her storm grey irises, dark as the clouds were gathering outside. Her face was drawn and paler than usual and every muscle was tensed.
"No offense, but u look like crap," Declan stated.
"I feel like crap," she admitted. "Where's my suit?"
"Getting repaired. The entire...
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posted by The_Writer
Name: Samuel Grant
Code name: Red Revenge
Age: 24
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 213 lb.
Eye and Hair Color: True blue eyes, shaggy dark hair with natural streaks of blonde
Physical form: Muscular, masculine (no they aren't the same thing), clean shaven
Normal "Civvies": Khakis, T-Shirt, Suit Jacket
Uniform: Black stab/bullet-proof body suit with red cape, mask, markings, outlines, and gloves.
Attitude: Nice guy, sympathetic for those who deserve it, harsh and cold when needed. Very much a politician and businessman. Cold and dark when Red Revenge.
Job: CEO of Grant Industries
Home: New York City
Powers: None
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Don't worry, this isn't a whole new series.. I kinda got carried away, so it’s probably gonna be at least 3 parts (would that be a three-shot of a series?? lol). BTWs this takes place when Aisling’s 8 so that’d, u do the math.
His eyes widened as he stepped into the alley, wrinkling his nose at the stench that wafted toward him in thick clouds. He had to walk on his tiptoes to avoid the piles of filth and unidentifiable substances, and he grimaced at the squelching noises his combat boots made on the ground. Pinching his nose shut, he scanned the alley, praying that no one...
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Timeline: 3 years in the future...

“Cʼmon, cʼmon, cʼmon,” Aryess muttered.
“Patience, kiddo,” Nic zei through the communication unit in her ear.
“Itʼs freezing up here!” She wrapped her arms around herself, trying to gain warmth.
“What did u expect? Youʼre 102 stories up and itʼs the middle of the bloody winter.”
“Oh.. yeah.” The teenager tried to focus on the spectacular view from the top, boven of Empire State Building. The city lights were a dazzling light toon of yellow, red, blue, white. She was grateful for the full head mask that tucked her long fair hair away and kept...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
*Giggle* Cruddy title.

I woke up, cold and lonely. u know that weird feeling in your stomach when u feel like your being watched? Yeah, its here. I peeked out from under my blankets, and I saw...legs? The covers were thrown off me, my arms were grabbed, and my mouth was covered. I saw Ciel behind my captor.
"Let go. of u die." He whispered in my captor's ear. He cocked his glock, and my captor smiled. I closed my eyes tightly, and heard the bang. I fell back onto the bed, and heard a body hit the floor. I felt a hand on my shoulder, I was shaking. I opened my eyes, then, they widened....
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posted by Robin_Love
I had to write this!!! It's just....Oh you'll have to read it! Enjoy!!!!

The smell wafted through the base. It was warm, comforting. Trevor, Zero, and Todd looked up from where they were playing cards in the living room. Zeth stood at the counter, piling chocolate chip koekjes, cookies onto a plate. Terror ventured out of his room, eyebrows raised.
“You know Zero doesn't like this,” he said.
“Screw that.”
Terror watched Zeth place a fan door the cookies, aimed at the vent.
“There are reasons it's not allowed,” Trevor chimed in.
“I know. Couldn't help it.”
“What are u talking about?” Todd...
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posted by Mclovin_69
He slipped his hands into his jas pockets to keep the cold from biting his hands and finger tips, he breathed out a sigh and his breath turned into frost. He hated people who complained about their lives when really they has notihng to complain about , he sure as hell didnt. He had basically everything a kid needed, a roof over his head, a some sort of family, and enough money door playing gitaar out on the straat just being able to pay months rent, if he had nothing to complain about why should anyone else. His grey eyes scanned the ground ahead of him, just almost three years geleden his mom left...
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posted by BloodyMascara_
Another artikel on....nothing actually!

I was in a room of mirrors. In each one of the mirrors, there was, not my reflection... But the reflections of the ones close to me.
"Useless." Infinity said.
"Failure!" Ciel yelled. My eyes watered.
"Worthless." Silver muttered, glaring.
"Nothing better than a scientist!" Harley yelled.
"Scum!" Blade snapped at me, her eyes yellow with rage, and her teeth shifted into a point. Tears streamed down my face. Devin did nothing but give a menacing glare.
"Sissy....not my sissy anymore." Lexi stated, glaring.
"Disgrace." Fang muttered, and scowled at me.
"N-No! Im...
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posted by SilverWings13
"You're supposed to say Pollo!" the 12-year-old corrected.
"No, I mean Angel! Duck!"
Aryess gave her companion a confused look right before he tackled her to the ground. His body protected her from the blast as a raket sailed over their heads and crashed into the building beside them, throwing brick and shrapnel into the air.
"Nic!" she shouted in alarm. Nic was off her in a seconde and had his hands lit and burning.
"Move!" she exclaimed. He obeyed in flash and the mes Aryess had thrown empalled in the chest of a hulking thug dressed in all black. His eyes widened before he...
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"She made a valiant effort." hulst, holly said, putting her portemonnee on the back of the chair and opening her salade tray. A man in a hoodie, probably eighteen of so, walked buy and slipped her portemonnee off the back of the chair.

"Hey!" Sam exclaimed. The guy turned around and looked at Sam who stood up and repeated himself. The guy ran. Sam pursued. The thief ran out into the hallway and was heading towards the doors when Sam grabbed him and slammed him into the wall. He snatched the portemonnee away.

"Now let's see who you--" Sam ripped down the man's kap and turned him around. He froze when he saw the man's...
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posted by InfinityYJ
For Silverwing's challenge. Crap-ass title. Fin's... 3 years younger, I think.. not sure... *shrug*

“Chelsea!” came a high-pitched young squeal of a voice that set the teen’s nerves on edge. The kid was ten, and already she was bugging the hell out of her. The 15-year old focused on the girl who was practically bouncing with happiness. “What?” she managed to ask, attempting to keep any venom out of her voice. Mr. Wilson had told her to be somewhat nice to the brat.
“Slade promised that you’d train me today!” Infinity screeched, jumping out of practically nowhere, which was probably...
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posted by AislingYJ
Before I unleash Hayden onto the world of RP (it should happen probably later tonight of tomorrow) there was one change I wanted to make to his bio. I didn't really wanna re-post the whole bio, so the only change is involving his personality.

He's now cocky, arrogant, over-confident, and slightly obnoxious. He likes to tease and tends to pick on people smaller/younger/weaker than him. He's also a flirt and a cusser, plus he has a temper and can get very violent.

Until I officially bring him into this world, stay whelmed my friends.
posted by CoaxochYJ
Just cuz I was borrrrrred.

This one~shot has no moral, its just stuff to read if your bored.

I woke up, covered in soft, warm blankets. I groaned and rolled over, not wanting to verplaats from my nest of blankets.
"Come we go..." Ciel zei as he picked me up.
"Good morning." I said, groggily, and cheerfully.
"Morning sleepy feathers." He said, throwing me over his shoulder. I rubbed my eyes and felt the inconsistencies as he walked down the stairs. I felt like a lump of potatos. My legs thumped against Ciel's chest with every step he took. Ciel walked into the kitchen, pulled me off his shoulder,...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
"Scott, light this place up." Fang zei as he hooked up the metal cords that stretched across the building.
"You got it" Scott picked up two the main power cords. "Stand back a little, and stay away from anything that could conduct electricity." Scotty gave Ryu a look causing him to start puling weapons from his suit and dropping them to the ground.
"Ignorant fool. u won't go through with this. u don't have the guts." Seraphs sputtered out, blood dripped from his mouth.
"I don't have the guts?" Scott glared at Seraphs, who had metal cuff attached to his wrist and was slumped against the...
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posted by InfinityYJ
Brennan broke off the call with the team, turning to Joker. “Make it believable. We want them to think that’s actually her.”
The madman grinned. “I’ll do my very worst!”
Brennan rolled his eyes and walked out. “Idiot,” he muttered, walking out to another room. “Good thing I have that program.. incredible likeness to the real thing.”
Fin woke up to an indescribably strange situation. She sat in a large chair, one that towered over nearly the whole room. The room itself had little to no light, shadows dancing on the edges of the walls. She tugged at her arms, and found...
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posted by BladeYJ
Rookies, Guns, and Drums

"Aisling correct?" Sarge questioned her.
"Yeah? What will I be doing? Shooting? Killing!?!" She smiled.
"Uhhh here take this gun and shoot that target ahead."
Aisling grabbed the gun and fiddled with it,"Sarge?"

Aisling pointed at the target and pulled the trigger but Nothing happened.
"It won't shoot"
"Are! You! Stupid! Soldier!?" Sarge pressed a button on the gun,"Safety was on.."
"Riiiightt! Safety..." Aisling aimed the gun and shot six times and missed.
"Soldier...." Sarge growled.
"SHHHH! I got This!" She aimed again and...
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The Watchtower
June 4, 18:02 EST

“Sorry I’m late!” Flash said, speeding into the room and sitting down at the table.

“As long as you’re here.” Batman said. Everyone in the room was totally surprised.

“Well, we’re all here. What is it?” Superman asked.

“We’re not all here.” Batman said. “Not yet.”

The zeta tubes buzzed to life. “Recognized: Nightwing, B-01.”

Nightwing waked into the room and nodded at the Justice League members seriously.

“Grow up not like Bruce.” Wonder Woman muttered.

Nightwing took one of the empty seats at the table. Batman spoke up.

“There’s a mol on the Team.”

“Again?!” Nightwing exclaimed.

“But this time, I’m confident who it is.”

The Justice League was startled. “Who?”

“Red Revenge.” Batman said, pulling up a holo-computer of the Black Hero.
posted by InfinityYJ
M’gann switched the T.V. off after awhile, going back to the koekjes, cookies she’d left. Kaldur had gone back to Atlantis, while Nathan had convinced Wally into a game of air hockey. Artemis was chatting up with the teenage martian in the keuken-, keuken about the teens they’d all just seen. M’gann couldn’t seem to stop gushing about the girls’ dresses, while Artemis was finding parts of the interviews to criticize, whether it be Dick’s jas hem of Danna’s hairstyle.
Robin had gone down the hall to check out if Delta was ready to go home pagina yet, considering they had a fundraiser to go to that...
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posted by MercyYJ

She stared at the faintly glowing symbol on her wrist, the pain slowly increasing along with the visibility of the mark.
"Only Maura, Karas, Carter, Kyle, and Gavin?"
"The only ones we're missing, yeah."
"Well, how much longer?"

Boulder, Colorado:

She snuck up behind him, the smallest smirk plastered on her face. "Got you!" She squealed and wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders.
He laughed, tilting his head up to allow her to peck lovingly at his forehead. There were 3 of 4 meer seconden of giggles before there was a small tap on the window in front of them, causing...
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Cassie jumped as a hand landed on her shoulder. She spun around to find Samuel Grant standing there.

“You.” Cassie growled.

“Cassie, I’m—“

“Don’t u dare say you’re sorry!” Cassie yelled. “You’re the reason he’s dead!”

Revenge stood there and took the brunt of Cassie’s blow. He listened as Cassie continued to yell at him.

“You had the chance to stop Ravager! u had the chance to stop his killer! Once and for all!”

“Heroes don’t kill.” Red Revenge said.

“But you’re not a hero.” Cassie zei in a cold tone Revenge had never heard from the girl before. “You’ve...
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