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Gunfire posted on Jul 12, 2012 at 02:52PM
Oke i am wriding a fanfict is you want to be in it leave a dietald bio.
It takes place 5 years in the futer and there is a al out war in gotham between the Red Army (lead by gunfire) who want to take downe, the greedi richs and power hungery, and give the money and power back to the pepol. On the other side are the rich, they don't want to lose there power and money, so they hired an army of mercenary. Nowe the heros and villance have to choise who they want to figt fore.
This must be in the Bio:
Hero/villan name:
Age (in 5 years):
Whits army he/she will fihgt fore:
Relation (to RA/Merc's):

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een jaar geleden Obscurity98 said…
Name: Harley

Hero/villan name: Hero- Harley

Age (in 5 years): 19 yrs

Appearance: Waist length black hair, native american skin, in civvies: black spaghetti strap and purple button up shirt, jeans, glasses in disguise

Personality: Loyal, serious when need be, vengeful, flirtatious, angry, sad, always ready for a fight, follows orders to the word.

Powers: No more invulnerability, super strength, flight, control over elements,

Skills: swords man ship, hand to hand combat

Whits army he/she will fihgt fore: with red army

Relation (to RA/Merc's): ?

Relationchip: Skylar's wife

Bio:i'm tired of explaining it, look it up please
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een jaar geleden Robin_Love said…
Name: Mera
Hero/villan name: Villian but no one knows; plays hero
Age (in 5 years): 20 (unknown)
appearance: I post pic
Personality: Seems nice until you see what she's really like
Powers: Ice, water, able to breathe underwater, can control anything under the water, excelles at any type of combat, unfazed by weapons, seems to have no weaknesses nor fears, Siren's Call, wings, unlimited endurance, “Infinity” touch
Skills: Pretty much anything
Whits army he/she will fihgt fore: Blue spy; fight on Red is for Blue
Relation (to RA/Merc's): ????????
Relationchip: Unknown
Bio: Nothing is known about Mera's past. (But for you guys, I'll leak out info!) Mera is a Nephilim. In other words, she is a demonic entity that looks angelic. Her words are like a siren's; she can force you to do anything she wants without ever touching you. Her looks are deceiving but you would never know. Her goal is to infiltrate and control everything. With that in mind, it is no wonder no one has ever found out about her. Her Infinities touch just means that she can control you when she first touches you and will forever keep a piece of your mind to control. She can make you into stone or crystal, or simply make use of you for entertainment. No one can escape once she's spoken to you, once she's touched you. You may be able to fight for a time, but she will never let you go.
 Name: Mera Hero/villan name: Villian but no one knows; plays hero Age (in 5 years): 20 (unknown) a
een jaar geleden InfinityYJ said…
Name: Kyra Grayson (but no one knows this)
Hero/villan name: Hero in disguise as villian (kind of like Artemis/Tigress in season two), known as Demon
Age (in 5 years): 18
appearance: Dark red hair, red eyes, lithe figure, always wears black
Personality: cocky, headstrong, a little narcissistic, is overprotective of Nightwing for some reason...
Powers: none but stealth
Skills: hand to hand and a sword that can become a scythe
Which army he/she will fight for: she'll fight for red
Relation (to RA/Merc's): ...
Relationship: Is secretly dating Quicksilver/Longshot/Nathan Stone at this time
Bio: Infinity's past, takes the name "Phoenix" when she turns 16, and when Artemis 'dies' she becomes Demon without anyone but Nathan knowing.
een jaar geleden Gunfire said…
Ofacaly closed.