Young Justice OC'S!!! Costumes~

SilverWings13 posted on Oct 13, 2012 at 11:59PM
Tell me children, what are you and your OCs goin to be for All Hallows Eve??

Mio: Parker (theif from the tv show leverage)
Silver: Batgirl (unless you guys have a better idea)
Alek: Prince Charming (duh)
Blaze: The Reaper
Emily: Wiitch
Jasper: Vampire
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Young Justice OC'S!!! 11 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden Mclovin_69 said…
Bentley: greaser ( art forced him)
Willow: bunny
Lucas: indianna jones
Rowan: mutant ninja turtle XD
Chance: vampire
(( all I know so far ))
een jaar geleden XxKFforeverXx said…
Fang: Himself, isn't that scary enough? Nah, just kidding. A kitty cat! (Forced!)
Nudge: Green Lantern! For the fun of it.
Ryu: Hinself, a ninja.
Nighthawk: HAWKEYE FTW!
Scotty: Uh...probably OH OH! A blue power ranger!
Lexi: A fairy.
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een jaar geleden YJTTFAN said…
big smile
Delta: Fem!Robin (irony)
Agony: no one (She's too cool for it)
Epsilon: Assassin's Creed; Altair (Shapeshifter's got Halloween easy)
Everyone else: They probably don't even know what it is XD
een jaar geleden SilverWings13 said…
Altair! Personally, I prefer Ezio. And am so amped for Conner! *fangirl squeal*
een jaar geleden InfinityYJ said…
Fin: Batgirl
Kenzie: Fin (:D)
...The rest of my OCS say screw you Halloween.
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een jaar geleden BloodyMascara_ said…
Mel: Kitty cat! (Forced. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)
Ciel: Slenderman
The rest have undercover missions.
een jaar geleden ShadowYJ said…
Shadow: Ninja
Swift: Witch
Aqueous: Mummy
Wire: Cowboy
Nightingale: Fairy or something medieval
Steel: Ghost
Glimmer: Something with a midnight theme
Devastator: Pumpkin dress with pumpkin headband?
Aura: Princess
Black Phantom: A cat?

een jaar geleden Punk__Heart said…
Scarlet: she's gonna dress up as a witch (the irony)
Korran: Princess Yue (from Avatar the last airbender)
Nate: Inuyahsa
Keith: Naruto
Kaleb: Sam Winchester (he's a shapeshifter so it's easy for him)
een jaar geleden SilverWingsYJ said…
Sammy!!!!!! OMG, fangirl moment!!!!
een jaar geleden MatrixYJ said…
OOC: Me: probably nothing…I'm not going trick-or-treating this year cuz of my STUPID sister.
Aisling: An oompa loompa (forced, by ME >:D)
Hayden: a mime
Caitlyn: a ninja-penguin (don't ask)
Constance: a 4-foot-ten, grumpy telepathic redhead (so basically, herself)
Dawn: Gone.
Jackson: some sort of metal contraption, whatever he throws together at the last minute
een jaar geleden Eclipse-YJ said…
Eclipse: Jigsaw or a female verson of Dylan (I like dressing up as sexy people)
BubbleBlast: Maka from Souleater :D
Zero: Jack Frost heheh