Young Justice OC'S!!! Scene 2

SilverWings13 posted on Nov 08, 2012 at 01:22AM
I meant to post another one of these a while back, but I couldn't think of something until now.

Scene: Batman has decided our beloved team needs to do a little bonding. He forces (2-6) members of the team to do a group activity together.

In case you missed the last one or forgot the rules: link

(I'll post my own one for this when I get a chance. Which... May not be anytime soon...)

And... Curtain!

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een jaar geleden BentleyYJ said…
(( RAWR ))
een jaar geleden AislingYJ said…
((I'd totally do this!!! ...Could I have more than 6 peeps? Cuz I have one started, but it has 12 people...would that be okay?))
een jaar geleden SilverWingsYJ said…
((Knock yourself out, Ash!))
een jaar geleden CoaxochYJ said…
((I'm in!))