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posted by Mclovin_69
" So u admit to have no feelings for him.." Black Canary said, " nope none.." Astreous zei crossing her arms and putting her knees up infront of her, " do u mind explaining to me why u are feeling unsure of telling the truth.." Black Canary said, Astreous looked up tears forming in her eyes, " u cant tell anyone this.." Astreous said, " nothing leaves this room " Black Canary said. " That simulation.. it opened my eyes on my true self.. i try to think of myself as a human, when truly im a monster... i-i felt at peace when meer and meer of them went but the only thing that changed that feeling is when Bullet... when he..." Astreous zei but couldnt finish, she covered her mouth as tears escaped, " im a monster..." Astreous said, Black Canary looked at her with sadness in her eyes " when he..." Black Canary said, " told me he loved me..." Astreous said. " Dear telling the truth about caring about someone else doesnt make u any different then u already are...." Black Canary said, Astreous looked up at her trying to force a smile.


" scared... try tramatized.... seeing all my vrienden die, it didnt just scare me it hurt to watch... i know my sacrifice was the worst mistake i could have made... for my vrienden i abandoned them..." Andrew said, " Andrew... u didnt abandon them u made the choice that u thought was right.. pushing Bullet in and saving him.... that was a great thing to do..." Black Canary said, " but was it the right thing.." Andrew mumbled, " u can never be sure... but all u have to know is to believe that the choices u make in life should be the ones that u trust.." Black Canary zei touching andrews shoulder, " i wish i could believe that..." Andrew mumbled looking down and away from Black Canary.


" I should have done something... but i didnt...." Meagan said, " who knew that one little thing u do in a simulation can mess up the whole thing..." Meagan contiuned her skin turned peach, Black Canary looked shocked, " youve turned white.." she said, " what?" Meagan zei then looked at her hands, " oh u mean cocasion...but yeah im fine..." Meagan said, " u know u can tell me anything... no secret leaves this room.." Black Canary said, Meagan looked up at her.


" It suprised me i know.... but... it didnt scare me enough to tramatize me" Artemis said, " Artemis noone can go through that and be okay... somethings bothering you..." Black Canary said. " i dunno maybe something is so?" Artemis zei corssing her arms, " u cant even admit u were scared " Black Canary said, " pfft no imagine what Lucas would do hed tell everyone im scared !" Artemis hissed, Black Canary looked at her oddly " intresting.... so the person your most worried about is Lucas..." Black Canary said, Artemis's eyes widened and she looked at her.


" I-I know what i did must have scared everyone but i couldnt stand seeing somneone die right infront of me and not be able to do anything about it.." Phoebe zei looking at Roulette in sadness, stroking the ravens head with her finger, " so u were willing to sacrifice yourself?" Black Canary said, " well anyone would do it if they could i know Wally did.." Phoebe said, " but does that automatically make everyone like thaat" Black Canary said, " no...." Phoebe mumbled, " and about what Robin zei he didnt mean what he said.... he meant he loves u like his own sister.." Black Canary said, " i knew it couldnt have been.... Robins not that kind of guy..." Phoebe said, " but is it bothering u how he doesnt love u in that way?" Black Canary asked, Phoebe stayed silent.


" It was all my fault.... who else could turn a simple exercise into a nightmare...." Willow zei looking down, Black Canary looked at her in sadness, " its not your fault Willow..." Black Canary replied, " im a monster....maybe i should just refuse to use my powers..." Willow mumbled, " u cant be yourself if u refuse to do something that u are intitled to do" Black Canary said, " Everyone hates me...." Willow mumbled. " Hate is a strong word...." Black Canary said, " stronger then my cursing powers.." Willow mumbled, Black Canary looked at her with even meer sadness. " I will help u through this..." Black Canary zei touching her knee, Willow looked up at her tears streaming down her face, " promise..." Willow mumbled, Black Canary nodded, Willow gasped a cry and ran at Black Canary and hugged her tightly, Black Canary rubbed her back. It was hard to believe that someone who was so fragile was so powerful.
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Source: Artemis & Kid Flash
posted by justjill
I opened one eye and expected to see my usual panda bed sheets and beside me a pile of story boeken but instead I saw handle bars...Odd, I don't remember installing handle bars at the side of my bed. Never mind, I wake up later to ask mom...Wait a minute-I quickly shot out of bed and looked around. Where am I? The walls are so white, why am I in a hospital? I must get out of here. "Ouch!" I yelled I looked at the slash down my chest, it was sewed up but it still hurt."You should get some rest, but since you're up, start talking." I turned around towards the window, someone who looked quite short...
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver
K so this is opinion. Don't vitrally shoot me. -___-

Artemis. It's kind of obvious. Here thee below is a lijst of reasons.

1) Her sister is an extremely dangerous killer lady who killed peoples who left her when she was like 8

2) Her "daddy" is a criminal of the shawdows known as Sportsmaster

3) Her moms been to prison
So basically she comes from a criminal family and has been raised to (most likely) be bad and kill thangs.

4) I am just know relizing that that episode she came in was called "Infiltator" which according to my English savvy brain is an antonym of "mole" meaning they mean the same...
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posted by justjill
"Yes! I win again!" Artemis shoved it at Wally's face after wining a game of pinball. Suddenly Megan comes in and excitedly shows Artemis something. "Oh wow! There is a great shopping sale down at ster City! I am so going there!" Artemis screamed as Megan and her did a little victory jump. "What is so fun about shopping? All u do there is waste money and time!" Wally said. Artemis glared angrily and said"You boys don't understand!" Immediately, Artemis and Megan left the mountain and headed towards ster City. Wally yawned lazily and headed towards the gym where Robin was training,"Hey Robs!...
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I do not own any of this please let me know why u think
this is being uploaded from my iPod, so I apologize for any spelling mistakes of other grammatical errors

He was unsure how long he'd been walking. He wasn't even sure what part of town he was in at the moment. Fin had been aimlessly wandering since he left the school. How could this have happened? He had been so careful after the discovery of his powers, of at least he thought he had been. There was only so much u can do when everything becomes fragile enough to shatter at your mere touch.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard sirens blaring and suddenly, a firetruck whipped around...
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Chapter VIII-

Revenge jumped off the top, boven of the building, Courage right behind him.

"Who is it?" she asked.

"Ice Crystal." Revenge said, not breaking his pace as he rounded a corner and pursued the junior ice villain.

The two heroes ended up in a deserted mansion. They could see no sign of the villainess.

A few ice spikes flew out of the darkness and embedded themselves in Revenge's chest. He stumbled back and tossed a dagger blindly into the darkness which was very unlike him. It exploded and Ice Crystal laughed to Revenge's right. Revenge threw exploding daggers blindly until Courage grabbed his...
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posted by 66Dragons
This is the Final Part of Part 1!

Chapter Four-

"What the heck are u doing?" hulst, holly asked, yawning. 

"Same thing as before," Sam said, pulling away from the computer for a minute. "working on something."

"And that something is?" hulst, holly asked, getting up and throwing her gewaad, kleed on.

"Heat gun," Sam replied, turning back to the computer screen. "Well chemical equation right now. Go back to sleep."

"Cant," hulst, holly yawned. "Can't quit thinking about today."

"Lioness?" Sam guessed.


"From what I can guess, she was your best friend at the League of Shadows."

"True," hulst, holly said, sitting on the desk. "She...
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“What is wrong with you? Robin.” Wally was looking at Robin. “There is nothing wrong with me. Wally.” There really was nothing wrong with me. I’m happy. I have great friends. I have an awesome father. I have a great team. And I saw Rachel for the first time embraced. What can a guy wish meer for? Wally: “Robin? u have a weird aura around you. Are u mad of something?” I looked at Wally. He really was worried. “I perfectly fine. I’m just happy.” Artemis looked up from the book she was reading. “You? Happy? You’re joking, right?” I laughed. “No, I’m not joking....
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I was doing paperwork when Kate came in the study room. “Rachel, why aren’t u ready!?” She sounded angry. I kept writing while I answered her question. “What do u mean?” She started tapping with her feet on the ground. She was angry, now she is pissed off. “The Charity-party? u begged on coming with me. Ring any bells?” Shit, I knew I did forget something. “I even had to ask the person who organized the charity party if u were allowed to come. He laughed at my face and said: Of course she allowed but she will get quiet bored.” I finally looked up. Kate was wearing...
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posted by Skittles98
“I will train my students while u lead your team. When they are trained, I will find the volgende generation and train them. I will assist u if u need help, but I will stay here otherwise” I said. I never turned around.
“Night, you’re quitting the team?” Robin asked
“Yes” I nodded
“But u never quit. No matter what” he protested
“Exactly. When u faced Superman, did u quit? When your mom was kidnapped, did u quit? When u wanted to attack Kalder, did u quit? No. u kept going, no matter the pain” Wally said
“We need u Night” Robin said
“Without you, we’re...
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posted by Skittles98
When we were in the ship I noticed KF kept taking sidelong glances at Artemis and Artemis would steal glances of KF when he wasn’t looking. I looked M’gann and mouthed the word private then pointed at my head.
’Are KF and Artemis dating of something?’ I asked telepathically after M’gann gave a thumbs up sign.
’No but I think they should’ she confided
’I know right? They’d make such a cool couple’ I agreed
’So, how did u think of the name “Shadow”’ M’gann asked
’Oh I picked it after having a totally in depth vision of Hades telling me to’ I zei matter-of-factly...
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posted by Skittles98
When the alarm rang, I nearly jumped out of my seat.
”Megan, what was that?” I asked following her to where ever
”That was the mission bell” she explained “You ready for your first mission?”
”Honestly, not at all” I confessed
As we entered a large room I noticed me and Megan were the last to arrive. Batman was standing beside a large holographic screen tonen a picture of a woman in her late 20’s of early 30’s.
”This is Emily Anadac, a leading professor of art at the universiteit of Gotham. She disappeared a maand geleden which isn’t unusual for her because she usually goes missing...
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Source: Artemis & Kid Flash
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