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posted by Robin_Love
“I don't know why you're complaining,” Willow said.
“You don't know WHY?! Them let me tell you! My girlfriend decided to FLIRT! With someone other than me! u may as well have kissed him!”
“I only kissed Billy once!” Willow defended. “But that was when we broke up!”
“So u like him?!” Wally shouted.
“No! What-that's completely irrelevant to the subject!”
“Then tell me WHY u flirted with IF u didn't like him!”
“Don't yell at me,” Willow whispered.
She looked away from Wally's gaze, feeling scared and hurt. She hadn't yelled at Wally, just raised her voice a small bit to toon she was defensive. But Wally was full on yelling at her. He had been ever since they had first gone to Billy's. Now Willow was done talking.
“Look Wally. I love you. If u can't believe that, fine. But DON'T yell at me. I don't appreciate it and Becca won't tolerate it.”
“If we ever find her,” Wally muttered.
“Don't talk like that about my sister!”
“Some sister! She left u while u were still hurting! Now you're forced to look for her instead of doing your job, which is helping other people!”
Wally's words hit a mark and Willow barely held back her anger and pain. She clenched her hands and looked Wally in the eye. Her look had a hint of death in it.
“Do not talk to me about my sister! u don't know her! But I have to say this. She's a lot meer faithful than u are AND she believes I love her. At this moment, I think she'd make a better man than you. So shut up and stop accusing her!!!”
Willow turned ad walked away. She didn't know where the sudden amount of courage came from, but she knew she was hurting and had to cool off. She exited the mountain and sat so she could look at the beach. She felt a beat of wind.
“I don't want to talk anymore, Wally,” she warned.
“Good. Cause I'm not him.”
Willow turned around, looking at the other speedster.
“Billy! What are u doing here?”
“Comforting. u and Wally had a fight.”
“How'd u know that?!”
“Becca told me.”
“You know where she is?!”
“Yes. She's been with me the whole time. But she needed this time alone Willow. She needed the time to heal.”
“But I could've-”
“You would have only hurt her more. Becca knew what she was doing. If u had been there, it would have only reminded Becca how much she was hurting. No. She needed to get away.”
“...When is she coming back?”
“I'm not sure. I think she'll need a little longer. Considering your pain knocked her out.”
“Oh my..I'm so sorry! I-I didn't mean it!”
Willow buried her head in her hands, tears flowing steadily. Arms surrounded her comfortingly.
“Willow. Shhh. Don't cry. I know there's a lot going on for you, but don't cry. Look at me. Look at me, honey.”
Willow lifted her head up to look into Billy's steady gaze.
“It's alright. Becca knows. She knows. Calm down. C'mon. Let's go.”
“W-where are we going?” Willow asked.
“I've been instructed to bring u to her. Becca needs her sister now.”
Willow held her arms out, inviting Billy to scoop her up bride style. He smiled at her as she cuddled her head against his shoulder. Billy kissed her temple before heading back to his base.
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This is an awesome video of Young Justice. It is like a movie trailer. I give it five stars
young justice
young justice
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Yeah! New Episode!
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posted by Robin_Love
“He's here?!”
“Who's here Dick?” Raven asked, coming to stand door the boy's side.
Raven tensed at the name and, NightWing could feel anger rippling off her body.
“What are u going to do?” he whispered.
They looked at each other and NightWing (who I'm just going to call Dick from here on out) read the cold brutality in her eyes.
“Kill him.”
Raven moved towards the door s Dick's eyes widened.
“What?!” he hissed, grabbing her wrist.
Raven turned to face him, ignoring the knock that sounded at the door.
“You heard me Dick. There is no way that I'm letting that...
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'What ? no way, why does it always have to be my fault?Why do i always get blamed for anything?Are the others all angels ?If this is the Justice league then why i don't get a justified explanation?Why Batman? Why?'Crystal asked.

'Crystal today what u did was unexceptable'.Batman replied'I want u to apologize"He added.'But..".Crystal tried to speak.'No buts'.Batman called.'Alright Batman '.Crystal said.

'Nightman Crystal says she will apologize".Batman called.'Nightman?'.Crystal asked ,was'nt it Nighmare".Crystal added

'Robin told me'.Crystal said. 'Its Nighman'.Batman confrimed.'I'm here to...
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Previously on The Red Revenge...

Okay, so things didn't go well in Rio De Janeiro. Batman, and the rest of the Justice League are reaming our butts for the death of the Russian finalist.

As if we didn't feel bad enough for the loss of one life, World War III is about to be on our heads.

"I need your help." Revenge said.

"No." Batgirl replied.

"See ya." Revenge said, closing the door.

The knob to the room began to turn.

"Wait!" Batgirl exclaimed, leaping into the corridor as the iron door closed and the other door opened.

Revenge stopped cold in the volgende room. It was a balcony overlooking an empty hangar...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Artemis boarded on the train with the others from her home pagina town, she sat down volgende to Lucas who looked out the window as the train started, " arent u the boy that sails all the time? " Artemis asked, " yeah..." Lucas zei turning to her. Willow and Wally sat across from them becuase the slots were seats of 4, " so... what do u thinks going to happen...." Willow asked, " to us? " Lucas asked. " yeah... " Willow zei putting her knees up and resting her head in them. " well one of us are gunna win..... but it might not even be anyone from happy harbour..." Wally said. Artemis sighed " why...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Willow screamed in pain and woke up in the middle of a desert, the sun was shining blinding her, she gasped and rubbed her eyes she didnt know what was happening. She gasped as she heard grunting and saw Bullet on his hands and knees panting, " Bullet!!!" Willow screamed running to him, " w-what happened where are we?" he asked, " i- i honestly dont know" Willow zei looking around.


Wally groaned and woke up in the desert aswell, he looked around and saw Melinda, this was strange why were they...
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