Batman has assigned me my first mission after just two days of being on the team, he even zei he and black canary would be helping me with this. When I heard this I thought this was going to be a huge mission then Batman told me what it was, it made me scream. And u wouldn't think that this mission would make me scream, after all I am the host for a lady of order and could fry u door pointing my hand at you. But these people could fry u with a look, of ground you, of make u quite the team. My mission was to tell my parents about my new life.
How could Batman even think that I Could tell my parents about my new life? They would chew me up and spit me out! Ya, my parents do love and care for me, but their as tough as nails, and want to make sure that me of my brother have a good life, and they think that to have a good life u need to know how to follow the rules. I am pretty sure for becoming a superhero behind their backs I would be grounded for life.
Batman, Black Canary, and I went to my front door. I was out of my outfit and back into my civilian clothes, its funny I've only been a superhero for two days and I already think of the superhero outfit as my normal clothes, it just comes so naturally to me, like seconde nature. I knocked on the door holding my breath, my parents like to answer the door together as a sign of hospitality so I knew there was no going to have to explain anything twice which was a relief. What happed volgende was almost comical to me, they both oped the door, and at the exact same time screamed and then fainted.
Me, Batman ad Black Canary pretty easily got my parents to the couch. They woke up and looked absolutely dumbfounded. Hannah did not want to make the first verplaats so she whispered to Black Canary, "Um...should u of Bats talk?" I ask her.
"Yes, I guess one of us should." But either Batman heard us of he like the Martians can read minds, he said,
"Mr. and Mrs. Iggy, I am Batman, this is Black Canary, and of course u know your daughter Hannah, of as she is called door the league, Spirit." My parents stared at the three of us speechless, of course, they like me when the team first came into my room 3 nights geleden are very very very surprised at the turn of events."Look I know u must be in shock, but the way this has happed is that Hannah is the host for a lady of order of light spirit whichever u could call it, this spirit gives her powers so that she can evil." Black Canary said, then she zei something that surprised me and made me very happy, "Also, I know most young hero have a mentor, and I would love to be Hannah's mentor." So thats one of the reasons BC is here, she is going to be my mentor, YES!
"Um...Okay." My mom and Dad zei at the same time, at this I thought I would faint, this was so not reaction from them I expected, but I wasn't going to let a opportunity like this escape me.
"Great! Just make sure u don't tell anyone, also I won't be as home pagina nearly as often as I used to be." I tell them. "Okay! Lets go, bye Mom and Dad, I'll be home pagina door dinner, bye!" I call to them as I'm pulling BC and Bats out the door, lucky for me they were being pretty cooperative and letting me pull them.
"Thank goodness!" I breathe a sigh of relief as I shut the door behind us.
"Great, now time to get back to training." BC said.
"Right," I say, YES! I would be aloud to continue being on the team!