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posted by brown-eyed-girl
The team ran in the training slash confrence room . Batman was about to leave.
“wait!” everyone yelled. Batman stopped and turned to them.
“Batman we have received some new information on the mission” Aqualad said.
“You have a protégé” Wally yelled. Batman raised his eyebrow under his cowl. Megan stepped up and gave Batman the sunglasses. Batman inspected them.
“Do u recognize them?” Meagan asked. Slowly Batman raised his hand to his head.
“I…remember. Robin? Robin. I have a s” Batman stopped himself. He was about to say son.
“protégé” he continued. “What happened”...
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The archers decided to go to Mount Justice since there was nothing else to do to try erase their guilty emotion from them. As they arrived, Robin welcomed Roy to a not so good topic.
"So," Robin started. "Did he catch you?" Roy sighed and looked at his younger team member.
"Do I really have to answer that?" Artemis wasn't involved in the boys topic. Instead she looked around for Wally. In the distance, Wally hid behind Conner and Kaldur who were having a man to man talk.
"Could u hide somewhere else Wally?" Conner suggested as he pushed Wally closer to Artemis.
"No! Please don't! u don't get...
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After the two archer's embarrassing moment, it was time to go home. Artemis came back from her changing room and handed Wally the rediculous clothes.
"That was the most stupidest thing I have done in my whole life!" Wally grinned.
"The most sexiest thing you've done" Artemis glared at Wally.
"Im gonna give u a serious bruse if u ever make me do that again!" She walked towards Wally and gave him a little push. "And this time, no ones gonna save you!" Wally slowly walked backwards. "Now wait a minute! Its still my birthday!" Robin walked towards the two older superheroes.
"Acually, it's way past...
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Robin braced himself but when he realized that he didn’t get hit. Robin slowly opened his eyes and saw KF smiling at him.
“Hey Robin”
“KF?” Robin looked around and saw they were on the street. He looked down the straat and saw them getting away.
“KF what did u do their getting away”
“I saved you. u were about to be pummeled” Wally said.
“Well I don’t need your help” Robin zei pushing him away.
“Hey Rob I think u do” KF said.
“Joker’s my responsibility”
“Let me help Rob” Wally whined. Robin sighed.
“You take care of his clown henchmen, but leave Joker...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter Ten:

The brand raged. Nightwing watched as a tower crumbled. He grabbed another girl and dragged her off the school yards. He turned back and got a kick to the face. Blue Beetle ran over and helped him stand again.

"Hello, Nightwing,darling." the woman said. "Remember me?"

"Too well." Nightwing said, wiping the blood from his mouth as the rain continued to pour down.

"You need help, hombre?" Beetle asked.

"I'm fine." Nightwing said. "Get the girl to the hospital with Mal. And raise a line to Revenge. Tell him to get out. Now!"

Beetle nodded and ran off. Nightwing turned back to his adversary....
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
The team trudged back from the meld into the cave. Wally collapsed on the couch.
“I’m going to go change” Artemis zei walking to her room.
“I am going to meld to batman” Aqualad announced before leaving. Wally started turning on his games. He plugged in two remotes. He was about to yell something, but stopped himself “was I just about to call someone to play with me” He thought. He looked at the two remotes he plugged in. No one played video games except him. He pulled out the seconde remote and started playing.
Aqualad came from reporting to batman. He walked down the hall...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Bat cave: Aqaualad finished reporting to Batman. “All right Aqualad, I’ll send u a file for the volgende mission. Batman signed off. He turned from the computers. He changed from his Batman uniform and into his civilian clothes. He entered the tube and came up to the clock. He came out and walked around the house. He found himself in front of a room. He opened the door to see an empty room. He was surprised that he was surprised to be in an empty room. He slowly walked in. There were a few boxes piled in corners, but other than that it was empty. He searched the room as if he was investigating....
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The two boys were walking down the straat to a place Robin zei had the best pizza ever. Wally was looking at the sights, he had been to Gothem a few times, but only when the flash and he came to help the dynamic duo, so he never had a good look at this place. They past door a big school, Gothem academy. Robin tried to pass door as quickly as possible door Wally was hanging back.
“Wally come one we have to beat the lunch rush” Robin tried.
“Hey Rob what is that place” Wally asked in awe. Even though it was the weekend lots of the students were at school for clubs.
“A school” Robin said...
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Wally was in the living room bored out of his mind. “Batman B01, robinb02” the zeta tube announced. Robin and his mentor walked in the room.
“Hey Rob hallo bats” Wally zei energetic running up to them. Robin gave him a slight nod.
“What happened?” Wally asked.
“We just fought the joker” Robin simply said.
“He got away” Robin zei folding his arms.
“Robin I need to get back to league, will u be alright staying here for a while”
“Yeah bats go, go and actually capture the bad guys” Robin zei walking to the divan, bank and flopped on it. Batman was about to talk to him...
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posted by 66Dragons
Part 1 Coming Soon!

The Reveal- Part 1 of 3

"How long will u be gone?" Sam asked.

"All Summer." hulst, holly moaned, walking out of the school gates.


Before hulst, holly could reply, a male voice shouted at Sam.

"Yo! Bro!"

Sam sighed.

"You know him?" hulst, holly asked.

"If I did, he'd know better than to call me 'bro'." Sam said.

"You're Samuel Grant, right?" the dude asked, walking up. hulst, holly glanced at him. He had a masculine figure, brown hair, blue eyes, and was dressed in Sam's favoriete outfit*: a suit.

Sam sighed. "Yes, what do u want?"

"I've been looking for u for months!"

"I'm not that hard...
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posted by The_Red_Revenge
Chapter 8:

"Sportsmaster?" Beast Boy said.

"You say his name one meer time I'm going to kill you." Revenge said. "YES Sportsmaster. Who else would give me a run for my money?"

Nightwing raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, I forgot." Revenge said. "The All Mighty Nightwing."

"What was he doing?" Blue Beetle asked.

"I don't know. He was just walking in civilian clothes. I followed him into an alley-"

"--and got your butt kicked." Beast Boy replied, grinning. The grin quickly faded as Revenge grabbed him around his throat. Nightwing leaped to separate the two, but Revenge let Beast Boy go.

"You have no idea what...
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posted by Obscurity98
Superboy had an arm around Megan, sitting on the couch. volgende to them was Wally and Artemis. Robin an Zatanna sat on the stools, they got from the kitchen. Kaldur sat in an armchair, and Harley sat in Roy's crossed legs.
Superboy, was no longer paying attention to the movie. Something was wrong. He could hear it.

Harley sat with Roy frustrated. Earlier and two days geleden too, Megan had yelled at her when she tried to help with koekjes, cookies like last time. AS Roy placed his chin on her head, she sighed. Roy rolled his eyes, "don't tell me, u seen this movie already?" Harley Played with Roy's fingers,...
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posted by Mclovin_69
It was dark and cold making it even meer depressing and frighting then it already was. Shattered glass, dead trees, and the dead of the night made it feel even meer real then it seemed, the sound of a crashing car was heard as its horn let out a noise. His navy blue converse stepped through the glass and shattered bits of ruble, his black hair blew through the wind revealing his grey eyes that had sorrow and hopelessness in them. He fell to his knees looking helplessly at the car, the car door finally flew open and a weak bloody hand let itself up, the fingers gripped the side and she pulled...
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posted by 66Dragons
The Burning Watch

*NOTE: This introduces a very......important character. I'm restricting information on her for the fourth book in the RoR series.*

Revenge stepped out of the hot douche and wiped off the mirror. His face was ragged and worn. Along with three distinct claw marks down his left cheek he had hidden using an unstable formula. Dark circles under his eyes only added to the emphasis of his sleepless nights like he feared this one would be. 

He dried off and slipped into his Red Revenge suit, seeing no purpose in staying in civilian clothes. He took the note that had been on his mind....
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posted by ReneYJ
It was a beautiful dag outside of Mount Justice. I was wearing ¾ sleeve, off the shoulder sweater, ripped skinny jeans, and yellow high heels My hair, which faded to a brown-ish red earlier in the week, was down with a yellow bow. I also was wearing my favoriete ice cream cone halsketting, ketting Rosie was helping me practice some spells I was having a hard time with. We started with a freezing spell. It would make me able to shoot frost out of my wand. I started to practice on some plants first. The frost crystalized onto the green felted leafs and colored petals. Rosie started clapping.
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posted by SilverWings13
Proven part XI

"Not here," Eclipse warned. She led the cautious group to a room in the opposite wing of the ginormous mansion. It was a cozy sitting room: A couch, comfy love seats, a fireplace with a small flame living inside. The others followed her in uncertainly, ready to spring on the defense at any sign of danger, their hand on cane, hidden staff, and close to flaming.
The only one even slightly at ease was Aryess, though she was no less nervous, knowing that the time to explain her disappearance had come.
The boys filed into the room after the leading lady and their youngest team member,...
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posted by ShadowYJ
Hey, i heard u can make your own OC YJ character so i thought maybe i could share mine.

Name: Dana Gracias-took ages to think of that one

Hero name: Shadow

Age: 13

Appearance: Thick black wavy hair-shoulder length, chocolate brown eyes, tanned skin, slender and muscular (for a girl), height: 5 foot 2.

Powers: She has no qualified supernatural power. But she is an expert hacker, very good with various weapons-espiecally knives and swords and guns, and she is very good at judo and tai-quando. She also has a very strong vivid photographic memory and can intemperate sounds really well.

Hero costume:...
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posted by Robin_Love
She could feel it creeping up her ankle and legs. It was hardening, making it impossible for her to move. A laugh sounded as it went higher.
“Sorry Devin but things must be done. u must be taken out of the picture.”
“What did I do, Amber?!”
“You betrayed me! u left Sensai, u stal BACK your Angel's light, and u risked everything for one human! That betrayal will never be forgiven!”
“Amber...I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt u but I had to save him! He was my brother!”
“You think apologizing will help?! No! It's time u payed the price!”
“What do u plan to do when...
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posted by Robin_Love
A little something to help set up another article. Enjoy! :)

She could hear the muziek from her spot in the kitchen. It was a soothing sound but odd to hear. Mostly because it came when no one else was around. They had all gone out to do something. And she was alone as it played. She followed to where she knew it would be played from. The sound haunting yet alluring and still so soothing. It was amazing and it intensified with every step closer she took. The sounds accelerating and crescendo. She looked in the small window on the door. Someone was at the piano, but she couldn't see their face....
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posted by YJTTFAN

Silvia dropped from the portal into free fall, her eyes snapped open to see water rushing towards her, she quickly reached for her breather and barely got it in her mouth before she hit the water with a sicking splash

Wally had no idea what happened ne seconde he was on his surfboard and then he was under water. He shook off the feeling of confusion and tried to swim up, but his foot was stuck. Wally mistakenly gasped all the breath he had immediately rushed to the surface in little bubbles panicking he tried his speed to vibrate the rocks that held his legs but only had the jagged...
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