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RavenclawQueen posted on Jan 26, 2011 at 08:00PM
What are your favorite Young Justice quotes? Who are they said by? (Try to include the episode if you can!) :D
Only include quotes from episodes that have aired, so there is no spoiling.

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een jaar geleden RavenclawQueen said…
My favorite so far was, Robin: You're overwhelmed, Freeze was underwhelmed; Why isn't anyone ever just whelmed? (they enter the Hall of Justice, seeing giant gold statues of the League) Oh. Maybe that's why.
Episode 1
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een jaar geleden RavenclawQueen said…
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OMG! Also liked this one, from Episode 1 when they were entering the hall of justice: Male Tourist: Is that Batman?

Female Tourist: I see Flash and Flash Jr.

Male Tourist: Isn't his name Speedy?

Kid Tourist: No, Speedy's Green Arrow's sidekick.

Male Tourist: Well, that makes no sense.
een jaar geleden lexiluvsme said…
thats everyones fav^^^^
een jaar geleden puppip said…
hahaha I love so many quotes from this show I'm going to have to limit myself to just a couple...
"Quit staring YOU'RE CREEPING ME OUT!"
"Uh, KF? Let's not tick off the guy who can fry us with a look."
--KF and Robin, Episode 2
"Robin, are tornadoes normal in New England? ROBIN?!?"
--Aqualad, Episode 3
"They hacked the motion sensors."
"I hacked the motion sensors!"
--Cadmus Doctor Guy, Robin, Kid Flash, Episode 2
"He is not whelmed, not whelmed at all."
"What is with you and this whelmed thing?"
--Robin and KF, episode 2
And last one even though I have atleast 10 more going through my head:
--Superboy, Episode 3
een jaar geleden RavenclawQueen said…
Awww, the sorry is the cutest one. Is it just me, or is megan flirting witgh superboy a bit more.
een jaar geleden puppip said…
Yeah she is, in Episode 4 I was like..."wow."
haha it's cute though :)
een jaar geleden nymph_tonks said…
megan: i've always wanted a sister. here on earth, i have twelve back on mars.

infiltrator, epi. 6
een jaar geleden RavenclawQueen said…
haha, i loled when i heard that one! 12!
een jaar geleden nymph_tonks said…
i hate it when he does that ninja thing.

said by wally in episode 9 about how robin diisapears some times.
een jaar geleden Denelys said…
this is mine "we did not come for a playdate""just like that were a team on a mission"
een jaar geleden RavenclawQueen said…
Poetic Justice!
een jaar geleden UNWRiTTENme said…
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"Hello Megan!!"
~Miss Martian
almost every episode<33
she's soo cutee
een jaar geleden UNWRiTTENme said…
&& "I like ur t-shirt"
~Megan at the end of Fireworks:)
een jaar geleden Denelys said…
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Pass!Batcaves crowded enough!-said by Robin while going to be cloned.
een jaar geleden Nanjing said…
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"MMMMMM that boy "said by Artemis after Superboy jumps from the top of the roof to the ground.
een jaar geleden Robin_Love said…
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Fireworks (Episode 2):
Desmin:"He hacked the motion sensors!"
*Flashes over to Robin and crew*
Robin:"I hacked the motion sensors!"
Favorite quote because it shows Robin's crafty/pranky side!
een jaar geleden DaPeople316 said…
" Get your hands off her u darn dirty ape"
Said by Wally ep 13
een jaar geleden TOTALIzzyluver said…
"Ughhh I feel naked....And not in a fun way..." ~Artemis episode 14
een jaar geleden DaPeople316 said…
That one cracked me up
een jaar geleden DaPeople316 said…
That one cracked me up
een jaar geleden PJacksonHead said…
yse that one is awsome. it would have been beter if she had said it and wally was there cause he would have made some funny remark. but instead it was aqua lad.
een jaar geleden TOTALIzzyluver said…
^^ zomg that would have been hilarious!!!!
een jaar geleden Skittles98 said…
"No way am I almost drowning three nights in a row!" Artemis *pulls out under water breather thingy* *hands one to Wally*
"Wow.....uh thanks"
een jaar geleden Robin_Love said…
sad face! I have yet to see episode 13 and 14! I've had no time on the t.v., don't have cable in my room, and I hate youtubbing it 'cause it isn't as good there! *growls in anger* If I don't see them soon, I might die!
een jaar geleden yjfan said…
ROBIN: Artemis? How random that you're in Gotham City! Instead of Star City where your uncle, Green Arrow, lives.

ARTEMIS: I'm... uh, here to see my cousin. She was in the state spelling bee. Here... In Gotham... City.

ROBIN: C-O-O-L. Did she W-I-N?



ARTEMIS: Yeah. Let's just go to the cave.

- this was from "Homefront" (my favorite episode ever. I've watched it at least 7 times.)
een jaar geleden yjfan said…
oh, and let's not forget "Hey Red Tomato! Who's your girlfriend? Red Onion?"

- Wally in "Homefront"
een jaar geleden Skittles98 said…
big smile



try watching them on
It's free and no download :)
een jaar geleden PJacksonHead said…
ong that episode is so awsome. but i loved the last one with zatanna.(is that her real name or just her hero name.)
een jaar geleden Robin_Love said…
Ok. New Favorite!
Episode: Humanity
ROBIN: I bet you have all kinds of good moves. Sorry; that came off too Wally.
ZATANNA: I don't mind.
 Ok. New Favorite! Episode: Humanity ROBIN: I bet u have all kinds of good moves. Sorry; that came
een jaar geleden Codby said…
Freeze: "Batman, I was wondering when.."
Evil laugh!!!!!
Freeze: "Ooo, Boywonder. The bat send you to drag me to prison.
I'm underwhelmed"
Robin: "Great, but I'm kind of in a hurry here."
Freeze: "Kids, always in such a rush.I better freeze this moment. Forever."
Robin: "NOT talking to you."

This part made me fall in love with YJ!! xD
een jaar geleden drreverol said…
I like:
"I hacked the motion sensor."- Robin

"Hello Wally!"- Wally

"I feel naked, and no it the fun way."- Artemis

"You're going to carry my books?"- Megan
"What, you WANT them to get wet?" -Superboy
(she's like OMG and he's like 'whatever'.)

"Kryptonians have hard heads.(or something like that)"- Batman

"Wally, you're in denial." - Black Canary
"I'm comfortable with that." - Wally

"Has the fool already been caught?" - Bane
"No, he just does that." - Aqualad

"Oh, she's gonna fit in great." - Artemis

"Isn't it supposed to be:Conner Nelson?" - Superboy

They're not in chronological order, so sorry! I'm just to lazy to organize them!
een jaar geleden queenofnarnia said…
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OMG,my fave has to be
Black Canary: Good block. But did anyone see what he did wrong?
Robin: Ooh, ooh! He hit on teacher and got served?
een jaar geleden reeds said…
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Robin n artemis
robin "that's it, all four we're dead"
Artemis "O.O"
Robin" the cameras! All four cameras are dead! I'm sure the other are fine" XD

een jaar geleden pearldragon said…
episod 9
KF-my mind is all yours dont let its brilliants overwhelm you
robin-more like underwhelm you why isnt anyone ever just whelmed?

dont no if its been said yet but it made me lol
een jaar geleden Skittles98 said…
Robin:This way *see's waterrushing ttowards them* or not...
Artemis: Will you please stop saying that?!
een jaar geleden robinluv14 said…
Robin: We'll get trot or get DEAD!!!
Episode 12, Homefront (i bought it on my ipod.
een jaar geleden Mclovin_69 said…
big smile
EPISODE 16 failsafe

Wally: Hello Wally! come on ( he says as he hits his head) XD

(like meagan always does
een jaar geleden tigerseye123 said…
"I feel naked, and not in a fun way" - Artemis

"Quit touching yourself" - Artemis to Wally

I also love that speech that they give during Failsave, but I don't want to type out the whole thing.

Um, I know I have more but not that I can think of at the moment.
een jaar geleden Robin_Love said…
Okay. New favorite quote!!!
Episode: Humanity
Cap. marvel: "Are they coming out to plat or what?"
een jaar geleden Skittles98 said…
Episode: Secret
Gretta: "Secret"
Best line in the entire series so far. Jokes!
een jaar geleden Robin_Love said…
LOL!! Haven't seen that episode yet!
een jaar geleden Skittles98 said…
big smile
When you see it, you'll laugh when you think about my latest post!
een jaar geleden YJTTFAN said…
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I like all of kf and connor's rant when they are trying to distract the reds inhomefront

C by the way worst death trap EVER
KF I can vibrate my molecules out of here before your binary brains can count to 2
C You can't drown a Kyrptonian dumb bots WE DONT BREATH AIR!!

Its my fave cuz I don't think I have ever heard Connor be so funny!!!
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een jaar geleden percyJrocks505 said…
Episode 12

Robin: *walks up to Artemis* We're gonna laugh about this some day. *takes picture and runs off*

Artemis: *blinks* Who was that?

Bette: Freshman. Ignore him.
een jaar geleden APWBD112 said…
big smile
"Hey red tomato and who's your girlfriend red onion"

"No,he just does that"
Becuz Jim Gordon said that about Batman in the Dark Knight xD

"That guy is not whelmd, not whelmd at all"

"You seem distraugt"
"distraught of course I'm distraught...somthing..something..somethin­g&q­uot­;

"You'r the right guy, that make's you the right guy to explain this mess to Batman"

"Quit toching your self"

Fireman "Flash Boy"
KF "Kid flash,why is that so hard?"

"He hackt the motion sensores"
"I hack the motion sensors"

"The bad guy's know we know they know about the place"

and everytime Robin disapear XD

and so many other's that I cant think of right now
een jaar geleden -BelovedRobin said…
"I always wanted-- expected to grow up and become him. The hero bid, I'm still all in! But that thing inside of him. That... that thing that drives him to sacrifice everything for the sake of his mission. That's not me. I don't wanna thee Batman, anymore."
-Robin, Dick Grayson.
Yeah, I know its not one of the funny quotes or anything, but I personally enjoy this quote. This whole dialogue. Solely, because right then and there I was convince, that is Dick not Tim.
een jaar geleden Roselillyan14 said…
big smile
I pretty much love just about anything and everything that robin says but hey here is a few.
Robin--You are over whelmed, Freeze was under whelmed why can't anyone just be whelmed?
sea. 1 epi.

Robin-You seem distrought.
Artimes- Those guys just took out four of our super powered friends and I am down to my last arrow. Of course im distrought!
Robin- Well get trought or get dead.

He hacked the motion senscors!
Robin- i hackt the motion scencors.
Kid Flash- Sweet!
And anything else that he says.
 I pretty much love just about anything and everything that robin says but hallo here is a few. Robin--
robinisthebest1 commented…
first of all Roselillyan14 Her name is not spelled artimes! its spelled Artemis sorry girl but it is een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden Black_Robin_13 said…
Robin:Hurting? Try traumatized. I-I finally become leader and wind up sending all of my friends to their deaths. I-I-I know I did what I had to, but I hated it. When we started this team, I was desperate to be in charge. Not anymore.

een jaar geleden Roselillyan14 said…
Okay i just now love the one
Robin-okay so i am trying to be nonchelont,
Zatanna-why? be as chelont as you want.
Robin-(does his awssome smile)
s.1 humanity
een jaar geleden AprilHare said…
The first Bialya Mission
KF: (Making his suite go into camo mode and back to normal)
Artemis: Stop touching yourself!