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 Meanwhile in the bat car....
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Lol i love this GIF so much!
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Warning, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy long. Reason: It's four artikels scwumched into one. And yes, before u ask, scwumched is a word
Monday door Satellites on Parade

Of all the words that Artemis had predicted would describe the start of her seconde maand at Gotham Academy, "bizarre" hadn't even crossed her mind.

Granted, the onslaught of distinctly unamusing texts from Wally (including such sparkling gems as "I'm so hungry" at 8:34 AM, "No, seriously, I'm damn hungry" at 8:35 AM, and "artemis oh god i'm going to die. of hunger." at 8:37 AM) hadn't exactly gotten her off to a favorable start. It was...
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Episodes 4-6 of ARTY AND ZEE FUN TIMES!!! With Special Guests: M'Gann, SOUPerboy, wolf and Sphere!
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