Emer Prevost was the host of a film review toon called "Reaction and Review." He also reviewed comic boeken in a toon called "What's in the Box?"

Emer Prevost's YouTube career lasted several years. He reviewed films on his film review toon that he hadn't seen before. He reviewed films that he was interested in seeing including some films he thought would be really good and several films that he thought would be bad.

Emer Prevost's toon was unique. Most film reviewers review the newest films. Emer reviewed several different types of films which made his film review toon interesting and special.

Emer Prevost also had a toon where he reviewed comic books. He got comic boeken in a box. The interesting thing about that toon is that Emer didn't know which comic boeken would be in the box each maand which led to him getting amusingly angry at getting so many Valiant comic books.

Emer Prevost sadly had a short life. He died while in his 30s.

Thank u Emer Prevost for your dedication to your fans and for being a really fun reviewer. I miss you. God bless you.