YouTube "GRENADE" PARODY - THE KEY OF AWESOME: vraag for the GUYS - Which would u least want to do for your girl?

Pick one:
Tattoo her name on your chest, neck, and face
Give her your left ear
Give her string and your fingernail clippings
Chop off your head
Go off your meds
Drink a bottle of crazy glue
Lick a bathroom attendant's shoe
Peel her a million grapes
Build a portrait of her using audio tapes
Protect her from robots and futuristic apes
Stop paying your bills
Eat a pile of glass
Pull your hart-, hart out through your a**
Do the dishes
Take out the trash
Take a tango class with her
Watch Lifetime TV with her
koop at Target with her
Buy her tickets to Dave Matthews and see a toon with her
Go to brunch with her book club vrienden
Constantly tell her that she's not fat
Eat 50 grenades
Wear a Speedo made of razor blades
Deal with her stupid mom
 MusicIsMyNature posted een jaar geleden
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