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Flying-Hikari posted on Apr 22, 2012 at 08:33PM
So basiclly this is 2 CREATE A DUELIST
su it needs the basics
Millennium Item yes/no
If yes:
Favourite card
Single, relationship

thank u

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een jaar geleden Fazoodle said…
Name: Yuji Hasegawa

Age: 15

Rank: Regular Duelist

Deck Type: Water

Millennium Item: None

Favorite Card: Levia-Dragon Daedalus

Relationship: Single

Apperance: He has long spikey blue hair with a blonde streak through the parting of his hair. He likes to walk around in a original school uniform and wears a scarf around his neck. (The School Uniform is the old styled one from the original Yu-Gi-Oh!).

Friends: None Yet

Enemies: None Yet
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een jaar geleden sleepwalkers said…
Name:Noone Nekoniikawa

Age; (no real age)"16"

Rank: Expert Duelest

Deck type: Dark

millenium item: (None but as a shadow he can go inside them)

Favorite card:Mind Control


appearence: long white hair with a black bang on the right and a purple one on the left , and the bangs covering his eyes slighty are blue. His eyes are red and black on the outside, he wears something like a mixture of Yamii Bakura's outfit and Marik's but in black and red wears lots of peircings and black eyeshadow with black lipstick,skull jewlery.

friends: only allies

enemies:everyone good so far
een jaar geleden Starz103 said…
Name: Beddi Louise
Age: 16
Rank: Most Powerful Duelist
Millennium Item yes/no: No.
Appearence: She has mid length light red hair and dark purple eyes. She's of mid height and is a vampire as well.
Favourite card: She doesn't have one.
Single, relationship: She is dating Dumon. (Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal)
Clothes: She wear tomboyish clothes and as well as purple too.
Friends: The Barians, The Arclights, Ryou Bakura, Yugi Moto, and Rex.
Enimies: Yuma, Astral, Weevil, and Yugi's friends.
een jaar geleden MadolcheKarma said…
Name: Kuremi Gurin
Age: 13
Rank: Prodigy
Deck Type: Arcana Force
Millenium item: Millenium Necklace
Appearance: Platinum color hair with a gold streak through it, is at 5'4", is blind, but her millennium necklace lets her see just one second into the future, making it seem like she is not blind
Favorite card: Arcana Force EX: The Light Ruler
Relationship: Bakura
Clothes: A deep purple shirt, an obelisk blue seniors blazer, blue jeans, and a deep purple duel coat
Friends: Sartorius Kumar and Aster Phoenix
Enemies: Jaden Yuki, Yuma, Astral, Yugi, Yusei, Yuya, Yusei's friends, Jaden's friends, Yuma's friends, Yugi's friends, and Yuya's friends.
Affilation: Society of the light, and Barians
een jaar geleden Yuya_Sakaki said…
name: Yuya
deck: odd-eyes, magician and performapal
millennium item: none
favorite card: odd-eyes pendulum dragon
relationship: unknown
friends: Hiragi Yuzu, sakaki Yushou, Reiji akaba, Leo akaba, Shingo sawatari, Gongenzaka, reira, edo phoenix, ruri, serena, jack atlas, crow Hogan, tokumatsu, dennis, kurosaki, kaito, yuto, yugo, yuri,...
appearance: main character of Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-v
enemies: none at all