Yu-Gi-Oh Duel RP

kingofheartless posted on Sep 29, 2012 at 10:45PM
First, we will give a brief description of our characters, here's mine.

Name: Wu Yeng
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Green
Deck: (Yes I accept fan mades) Martial Arts/Spirit
Wears: White jeans, black T-shirt, white jacket, black dress shoes, black socks.
Number of cards: 43 (Needed number of cards to participate 40)
Reasons for dueling: To bring honor to his family

You can use fan made cards, just nothing to powerful. during duels, the players have 4000, no more, no less, to begin with for a duel.

Yu-Gi-Oh 9 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden Noone_N said…
Name: Raven Kuro
Hair Color: red
Eye Color:one blue the other red
Deck: dark vampire/ demon
Wears: //pic//
Number of cards: 40, in his extra deck 16
Reasons for dueling: he plays shadow duels so he can take peoples souls and use them to stay out of the shadow realm
 Name: Raven Kuro Hair Color: red Eye Color:one blue the other red Deck: dark vampire/ demon We
een jaar geleden kingofheartless said…
interesting choice, now we wait.
een jaar geleden Noone_N said…
een jaar geleden malandcar said…
Name: Ko Hisho
Eye: Purple
Deck: Egyptian Spellcaster, IDK on number Extra Deck:15
Wears: Long Coat, purple boots, red shirt NEVER DRESS OR SKIRT
Hair: Black, fringed with red and streaked with gold
Reason for Dueling: To find her lost memories and find her twin brother
een jaar geleden malandcar said…
are we following the forbidin and limited list for cards that really exist or not?
een jaar geleden Noone_N said…
//any cards they don't even need to exisat as long as it isn't like godmodding with you cards//
Raven walked around curious to find new prey.
een jaar geleden kingofheartless said…
Wu Yeng sits on top a rock, medetating.
een jaar geleden malandcar said…
Ko is looking through her deck, like normal.
een jaar geleden DusanIvanovic said…
Do you need to roleplay with your real deck?