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xmrsmalikxx posted on Feb 25, 2012 at 12:32PM
1st place 8 props
2nd place 4 props
3rd place 2 props
4th place 1 prop

1st round Zayn with a hat on
1st place __________________
2nd place __________________
3rd place __________________
4th place __________________

2nd round Zayn with glasses on
3rd round Zayn with his mum
4th round Zayn with his siters
5th round Zayn with Niall
6th round Zayn with Louis
7th round Zayn with Liam
8th round Zayn with Harry
9th round Zayn with no top on
10th round just Zayn
11th round Zayn with a fag
12th round Zayn with Selena Gomez
13th round Zayn with a fan

When i say stop i will tell you who won that round and i will also tell you what round is open

If you have any ideas for more rounds plz message me and tell me what they are
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een jaar geleden mina27 said…
mine :) x
 mine :) x
een jaar geleden Vicky_Lezama11 said…
<3 Miii
een jaar geleden BrilLiam said…
Mine <3333
 Mine <3333
een jaar geleden britt12345 said…
big smile
mine hope you like it
 mine hope u like it
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een jaar geleden MaddyPayne said…
big smile
Heres mine :)
 Heres mine :)