but just in case...

it's the future of the Avatar series!
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Of course in my mind, Aang's daughter isn't Katara's daughter because katara left with Xuko after an affair with Mai. :}

And what do u guys think of the new steam punk avatar?

Personally I'm not big on continuing with the main characters children because I hate parting with the main cast, but this seems interesting.

Btw, I really enjoyed the avatar movie and the small zutara scene Mr. Shyamalan gave us zutarians ;D Most people, from what I've read, didn't enjoy the movie, but be honest, if any other director did it, everyone's aantal keer bekeken would be the same. "It's too choppy" "They left so and so out..." "they forgot to mention..."
It's a bit difficult to fit all of book one into two hours.