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Dogtier gaf me complimenten voor my images
I forget the compliment often... geplaatst een jaar geleden
Dogtier zei …
Dave/Roseee ahhh I love that shiiip. If u don't believe me on that one, my gallery is evidence. My babieees. I'm silly.
Half the "fans" on Random. xD
u can tell, they don't know about the comic too much- the rpers get the troll's quirks wrong sometimes, too! Haha.
Nahhh, you're not TOO far behind. There's only about 6 acts so far.
Right now we're on Act 6 Part... 3 of 2, I forget.
I have even worse memory.

Do you? That's really cool! She's really pretty. u must be beautiful. geplaatst een jaar geleden
Dogtier zei …
Saaame. The Strider-Lalondes are the best characters, no exceptions. To me, at least.
Whoa whoa, Dave and Rose, of dolk, dirk and Jake? Personally, both Dave/Rose and Dirk/Jake are my most favoriete ships, so I'm curious to see who u meant. OuO
Wow, cool. It's rare to find people on here that actually READ the comic, and not just drool all over the trolls without knowing anything about Homestuck, sadly!
I'm already caught up! Though it took me a month.
A LOT in common indeed. geplaatst een jaar geleden
Dogtier commentaar gegeven…
That's Helena Bonham Carter, right? Well, I can see why u don't change it... she does reflect u well. Now, whenever I talk to u I see u with her face... ahaha. een jaar geleden