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8theGreat zei over Random
Not saying I'm eager to die of anything but I'm really looking vooruit, voorwaarts to roaming the planet as a ghost. geplaatst ·11 dagen geleden
TheLefteris24 commentaar gegeven…
It is a though I have been making as well, to be honest. I find that pretty relatable !!!! ·11 dagen geleden
TheLefteris24 commentaar gegeven…
*thought :P !!!! ·11 dagen geleden
ArcticWolf commentaar gegeven…
Same here. I find the idea of being a ghost quite calming, actually. ·9 dagen geleden
8theGreat zei over Random
I feel horrible because my sister is having a baby and I don't really get the whole baby hype thing. I was at the ultrasound with her today and everyone else was like "Wow!!! A baby!! What a miracle!!!" and I'm just like "yep, that indeed is a developing fetus."
Its not like I'm not happy. I'm looking vooruit, voorwaarts to spending time as an aunt because I like kids. But I don't understand why it has to be such a big fuss of why I have to feign amazement that the human body can reproduce. geplaatst ·13 dagen geleden
8theGreat commentaar gegeven…
I feel like I'm letting her down of disappointing her door not getting all overflowed with joy. I was kind of like this with her wedding, too, because despite being engaged myself I've never felt like they were something to fuss over. I'm way meer excited about being an aunt than I was about her getting married (shes been with her husband since forever so its not like it was a suprise) and yet I feel like Im not acting excited enough because I dont burst into tears at an ultrasound of stock up on baby clothes. ·13 dagen geleden
8theGreat commentaar gegeven…
Am I excited that im going to be an aunt? Of course. Im gonna love that kid to death and Im gonna be as fun of an aunt as I can. We're gonna binge watch Peppa Pig and play pretend and we're gonna draw stuff with crayons and make playdough and lots of meases. But I don't see childbirth of motherhood of babies as magical of miracles of blessings of whatever and I cant bring myself to act like i do and I just feel like Im letting her down because i dont relate to those feelings. ·13 dagen geleden
BlindBandit92 commentaar gegeven…
@Nomy nice ·11 dagen geleden
8theGreat zei over Random
I know what u all are thinking, "What did 8 spend that money on I wonder?" (no one was thinking that lmao)
was it
A) Lolita
B) art supplies?
Well guess what we were all wrong 'cause I bought shit to make youtube videos with.
We all done been bamboozled. geplaatst ·27 dagen geleden
BlindBandit92 commentaar gegeven…
Lmfao ·27 dagen geleden
Mauserfan1910 commentaar gegeven…
Make porn videos for me ;) ·27 dagen geleden
CokeTheUmbreon commentaar gegeven…
I hope your YouTube channel goes well :) ·26 dagen geleden