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The Beatles

Why do so many girls think that the Jonas brothers are better then The Beatles?

28 answers | my answer: WTF???? The Beatles are a billion times better tha...
Video Games

What game should i get?

5 answers | my answer: assasins creed 2 rocks

Why cant we change our user name?! I want to change mine!!!

4 answers | my answer: I love Fanpop. this is the only (just a little) pro...


5 answers | my answer: finally i found a place to talk about my stuff and...
Johnny Depp

The johnny depp spot has the most fans than any other celebrity spot! How does this make u feel?

8 answers | my answer: How I feel??? Wonderful! That was no surprise, beca...
Johnny Depp

Did u like him in Sleepy Hollow?

11 answers | my answer: Sure! his mix of policeman and girly was soooo cute...
Johnny Depp

Any one else think that Johnny Depp is like, the hottest 40 something jaar old u have ever seen??

68 answers | my answer: The sexiest man 4-ever!!!!! Who cares about the ag...
Johnny Depp

johnny deep is a great actor.if u meet him what vragen would u ask? (how many u whant to add it ok)

7 answers | my answer: Hi! How are you? How are your kids? Can I have A a...
Johnny Depp

Do u guys think that JOHNNY knows about fanpop and about us his fans and also that his spot have 12448 fans of so?

6 answers | my answer: That would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! If he don't kno...
Johnny Depp

Isn't it so true that Johnny looks better as he gets older?

5 answers | my answer: oh yeah thats true in know, everybody says that,...