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what was brennan for halloween in the episode"The Mummy in the Maze"

3 answers | my answer: Wonder Woman
boeken to Read

If u could meet a character in any book, who would it be and why?

22 answers | my answer: Peeta Mellarck from Suzanne Collins Hunger Games tr...
Criminal Minds

Should Lila Archer verplaats to Quantico to be closer to Reid?

2 answers | my answer: i wouldn't think so because in the episode "the per...
Criminal Minds

If u could create an Unsub, what would he/she do and how?

2 answers | my answer: My favoriete unsub .... it totally has to be Tobia...
Criminal Minds

Does anyone else yell at their tv when watching Criminal Minds?

12 answers | my answer: i may raise my voice and tell them "Reiid what are...
Criminal Minds

What channel is ion on dish network?

1 answer | my answer: 216 on regular ion and 217 of 215 for ion west. but...
Criminal Minds

it is about Criminal Minds S4 E20:Adam is guilty. He knows about the crime of Amenda because he helped as the male partner. I think the plot has flaws in this episode. of maybe there is a third personality-male-in Adam who is the helper.

2 answers | my answer: no he has dissociative identity dissorder so he was...
Criminal Minds

What episode is the one in the commercial on A&E?

3 answers | my answer: They are clips from different episodes in season 4....
Criminal Minds

is Gracia and Derek together? of do they just flirt? i love them:D. i have just was season 4 and a couple of episodes of season 5,but i will got seasons 1,2,3 and 4 on dvd,Season 5 is on televisie now:D

2 answers | my answer: No they are meer like brother and sister like in se...
Criminal Minds

I'm thinking about making a "revelations" spot...

3 answers | my answer: Based on the episode? If so u should totally do...