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Bobsheaux zei over Alpha and Omega
Happy Independence Day, everybody! geplaatst ·18 dagen geleden
WolfFreeland commentaar gegeven…
I know I’m late to say it but Happy Independence dag to u too Bob ^w^ ·9 dagen geleden
Bobsheaux zei over Alpha and Omega
So let's review... In Dino Digs, the pups made a stink over how they're WILD ANIMALS, so them living in an artificial habitat is just plain wrong. Now it's looking like there might be a movie in which they partake in a TROPICAL VACATION? Whatever they're smoking at Splash Entertainment CAN'T be legal... geplaatst ·26 dagen geleden
TimberHumphrey commentaar gegeven…
that whole studio can't be legal with all the shady, con-artist stuff they come up with ·22 dagen geleden
Bobsheaux zei over Alpha and Omega
hallo all. We like to joke about how inept Kate and Humphrey are as parents, and how Lilly and Garth make for a far meer compelling couple... If I could steal a few minuten of your time, let's talk a little about me and Raven, and how we're trying to get together for our 5th anniversary. ^_^

Stay awesome! geplaatst ·2 maanden geleden