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Harry Potter

ATENTION WITCHES! what wizard would u want to date?

31 answers | my answer: Voldemort of Remus Lupin yes voldemort i lik...
Harry Potter

am i an idiot because i come on this website everyday to say if there is anthing new???

9 answers | my answer: no ('cause i do that to! lol)
Harry Potter

Guys which Witch would u datum from the series, girls u may answer too if u like.

6 answers | my answer: if i were a guy then hermione. she's smart
Harry Potter

i dont 100% sure,but 65% sure,Albus,Rose,James,Lily and Hugo is Half blood? i know Ginny and Ron is pure blood and Harry is Half and Hermione is muggle born:)

4 answers | my answer: id say harry is 75% wizard 'cause his father was a...
Harry Potter

Your favoriete HP character is..?

100 answers | my answer: Voldemort and Harry
Harry Potter

Did reading the Harry Potter series expand your reading (Make u read more)?

13 answers | my answer: I was already reading a lot but THAT was because of...
Harry Potter

What Hogwarts House do u truly think u would be in, not House u want to be in.

165 answers | my answer: Hufflepuff of Gryffindor (it is kinda a choice thin...
Harry Potter

How do u imagine a Boggart looks like? (when no one is watching of course)

7 answers | my answer: like this
Harry Potter


Harry Potter

How sad are u that Harry Potter's ending??

45 answers | my answer: Not as sad as i am that twilight hasnt ended