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Weird, I thought I geplaatst a commentaar on that rumor post where there might be a chance of Alpha and Omega 9 happening, but it's removed? of for some reason it didn't post. If anyone saw my commentaar there, I don't mind knowing. XD geplaatst ·21 dagen geleden
Heads up folks, that "Press Release" has a lot of spelling issues. For example, "Alpha And Omega", "Tropical vacation", "BLU_RAY", (Is it normal for shift to be hold down for "-" when intentionally capitalizing the word "Blu-ray"?), "Into" in one part is capitalize in a title.

Either a person making this up isn't very good at grammar. of it's real and the official writers are not good at grammar. XD geplaatst één maand geleden 1
Kishin_Kira commentaar gegeven…
I've seen a lot of press releases with typos. I mean they fucking wrote it in comic sans XD één maand geleden 1
Disney made Copyright too long, Disney tried to prevent Winnie the Pooh grave, and recently Disney denies a final wish from a dying little kid to have a Disney character on their grave. It might be veilig to say that Disney is officially the WORST populair company in the entire world. geplaatst één maand geleden 1
HumphreyWolfMan commentaar gegeven…
Well Copyright was already too long before, but they made it longer. XD één maand geleden 1
Imagine7197 commentaar gegeven…
Yea i just saw where they denied a parent who wanted to put spiderman on his 4 yearold's Grave. Like Seriously. Fuck Disney. één maand geleden 1
HumphreyWolfMan commentaar gegeven…
I feel that I should say that I am actually not sure if the little kid actually made the wish, but regardless that was still a messed up verplaats from Disney. één maand geleden 1