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LuzStereo zei over Naomi & Max
I'm not a fan of 90210, actually I've never seen an entired season, but this two are amazing! I'm so happy they're back together. geplaatst een jaar geleden
rere14 commentaar gegeven…
Me too, I just watch episodes that got max and naomi lol een jaar geleden
valley-baby commentaar gegeven…
Same here, they were the only reason I watched 90210 and when the producers made them get divorced, I just watch shipping videos een jaar geleden
LuzStereo zei over Sookie and Eric
"Eric is certainly not going to lick his wounds now that Sookie's gegeven him the heave-ho.'His way of dealing with it is door shutting down all his emotions. Like, 'All right. It's my fault , I've opened up and this is waht happens when u open up'." Alex on EW link

So we really aren'r gonna have any moments of then in this season. :( geplaatst een jaar geleden
rere14 commentaar gegeven…
We already got so many bad news and the toon not even started yet, this truly suck een jaar geleden
amshafe commentaar gegeven…
Well...yeah, I'm guessing it's just gonna be a season of angst. Even int he boeken they were apart for a while before they got back together. een jaar geleden
LuzStereo zei over Sookie and Eric
I read an awful spoiler, I couldn't be meer disgusted about it. All I'm gonna say it's that clearly Alan Ball hates Sokkie & Eric couple, and he's making me lose the last hope I had. geplaatst een jaar geleden
CHOCOLADE commentaar gegeven…
What I find unfair is that Alen ball is so biased that he doesn't even write about the characters anymore, he only writes about Stefan Moyer and his wife Anne Paquin if they were living in a supernatural world. :( een jaar geleden
rere14 commentaar gegeven…
What spoiler? Can u give us the link? I though Alan Ball want to step out from his position as a TB showrunner, why can't he do it sooner een jaar geleden
amshafe commentaar gegeven…
What's the spoiler, if u don't mind telling me? een jaar geleden
LuzStereo zei over Sookie and Eric
Although I'm really happy that season 5 is near, I'm kind of sad 'cause I've read that there aren't going to be many scenes of Sookie & Eric.
Also I read that Alcide will be near Sookie, I just can't stand that. I rather see Sookie with Bill, of even with Sam, I just don't like her with Alcide. And Eric & his "sister" seems to be have the same relation ship that Cersei & Jamie Lannister have :( geplaatst een jaar geleden
rere14 commentaar gegeven…
Ugh me too, I'm not that exited with this season, the only thing that seem great is russell back! I really hope because of anna's pregnancy alcide/sookie relationship won't become too explicit, so I don't have to stop watch and I also hope eric's sister really became his sister and their relationship won't became disgusting, I want s4 back! een jaar geleden
LuzStereo commentaar gegeven…
I think the fact that Sookie killed Debbie will make the Alcide meer difficult, though I still think that may be will have to see some sex dream of something. I don't know why but I can't stand Alcide, I'm OK with the main love triangle, he just annoys me so much! een jaar geleden
amshafe commentaar gegeven…
^I'm sure they'll have a sexual relationship, but I think Eric is basically trying to get over Sookie. He did in the boeken too. But it's not going to work. This is the very beginning of the season and he's hurt because of her rejection, and in front of Bill which made it worse. Eric's pride is hurt big time. een jaar geleden
LuzStereo zei over Jeff and Annie
They rock! I want to see a real kiss between befoe s3 is over. geplaatst een jaar geleden
LuzStereo zei over Klaus
I think yoy shold change the descrition of the club "He is the main unseen antagonist of Season 2 from TVD and possibly the oldest vampire in the world. " That's old! He's a hybrid now, an d we are in the middle of season 3 already geplaatst een jaar geleden
I knew this would happen! I love them, hopefully she'll help him to be meer human and he'll help her to be meer "vampire" geplaatst een jaar geleden
LuzStereo zei over Community
I can't believe last night episode was the last one before the infinit hiatus geplaatst een jaar geleden
LuzStereo zei over Community
I can't believe we don't know if Community is going to return! I'm so sad :( geplaatst een jaar geleden
LuzStereo zei over Jeremy and Anna
I'm sure TVD writters want to kill them self for loosing the opportunity to create an epic love story for Jeremy & Anna, Bonnie & Jeremy will never have the chemestry that Jer & Anna have. They had so much potential and they lost it!
I hate Bonnie before she started dating Jer and now I hate her even more!
Writters must have a way to bring Anna back! She's the one for Jere and aways will. geplaatst een jaar geleden
AnnaGilbert commentaar gegeven…
I can't agree meer with you! een jaar geleden
sassyvampire commentaar gegeven…
i so agree with u een jaar geleden