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ApplesauceDoctr gaf me complimenten voor my polls
Like Sparklefairy, I've got to give u a compliment for the great series of enquêtes on the DP club. Thank u for taking the time and effort to put those together! geplaatst ·4 maanden geleden
BB2010 gaf me complimenten voor my comments
u won Round 22 of Best Quote! geplaatst ·4 maanden geleden
Sparklefairy375 gaf me complimenten voor my polls
Nice idea of your recent enquêtes on Disney Princess club :) geplaatst ·4 maanden geleden
doubletrouble7 zei …
hi long time no see,tori here well do u like the 80's?
i do.
what are u doing this weekend?
i will be with a friend going out for coffee and a little shopping at walmart.
bye now and thank u for being my friend
bye geplaatst ·5 maanden geleden
Renegade1765 gaf me complimenten voor my videos
Hi! Long time no see! It's here! The trailer for Frozen 2 is finally here! geplaatst ·5 maanden geleden
JosepineJackson gaf me complimenten voor my links
Thank u for add back 🙂 geplaatst ·5 maanden geleden
MaidofOrleans commentaar gegeven…
No problem :) ·5 maanden geleden
Would u guys like to see another Fanpop's favoriete DPs article? I was thinking of organizing one like in years past. I'd like to try a new format though. I know several people here have trouble ranking the DPs in a list, of don't have a lijst at all, which has prevented them from participating in the past. I think I've come up with a way around that. I may wait to finish my current countdown before organizing this though. Let me know what u guys think. geplaatst ·5 maanden geleden
cruella commentaar gegeven…
Sounds like fun. ·5 maanden geleden
MalloMar commentaar gegeven…
It's been a while (I think so anyway?) That'd be great! ·5 maanden geleden
deedragongirl commentaar gegeven…
Well, this has got to sound fun, just keep on rolling! ·5 maanden geleden
I watched Tarzan last night for the first time in years. I forgot what a sweet movie it is! I wish I had the nostalgia that comes from loving it as a child, but I actually refused to watch it as a kid because Clayton scared me so much. Rewatching it definitely made me wish Jane was an official DP. She's so inquisitive and caring. <3 geplaatst ·5 maanden geleden
Mongoose09 commentaar gegeven…
I love it so much. the characters, animatie & soundtrack are all amazing. ·5 maanden geleden
MalloMar commentaar gegeven…
YES! <3 It's so beautiful. ·5 maanden geleden
AdelitaI commentaar gegeven…
One of my favoriete Disney films and my seconde of third favoriete Disney Renessaince movie( after Pocahontas and maybe Hercules). ·5 maanden geleden
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OnceUponASptmbr gaf me complimenten voor my comments
I appreciate your participation 😊 geplaatst ·6 maanden geleden
MaidofOrleans commentaar gegeven…
Oh thanks so much :) ·6 maanden geleden
BB2010 gaf me complimenten voor my comments
u won Round 17 of Best Quote! geplaatst ·6 maanden geleden
MaidofOrleans commentaar gegeven…
Wow thanks! ·6 maanden geleden