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MrsDamonSal zei over Damon & Elena
Omg! I just noticed something! When Elena was saying goodbye to everyone she showed herself as teenage human S1ish Elena because she thought that's how they preferred her, but with Damon she showed herself as the mature young woman she has become because she knows he has always accepted her no matter what. Which makes me hate that, Stefan knows her best crap they keep saying. geplaatst een jaar geleden
MrsDamonSal zei over Damon & Elena
Was I the only one who thought, so Damon is Batman now? When he was standing on the clock tower. Lol geplaatst een jaar geleden
delenafan123 commentaar gegeven…
LOL I totally did!! Im like Damon is now the watcher of Mystic Falls haha een jaar geleden
MrsDamonSal commentaar gegeven…
Yes! Great minds and all that lol. een jaar geleden
MrsDamonSal zei over Damon & Elena
I wish we could all be in the same room filled with tissues and ice cream to help us all get through this. I'm virtually holding all your hands. geplaatst een jaar geleden