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QueenMadonna zei over Lady Gaga
Madonna doesn't need lady gaga to get attention,don't fucking act like lady gaga invented muziek look she's just about to flop she is getting bored she brainwashed u guys she tells u "i was born this way" no she was born stefani with brown hair .Madonna is the Queen .Little monster are so delusional .Madonna's armee is stronger than these little monsters i dare lady gaga to top, boven straal, ray of light NEVER she is not aible to do that XD geplaatst een jaar geleden
iandamonfan commentaar gegeven…
Madonna doesn't need Gaga but talks about her anyways, it's a way to get press. volgende time u want to share your opinion about Madonna go to the fucking Madonna spot. een jaar geleden
LOLerz25 commentaar gegeven…
Gawd, u haters need to calm your tits & GTFO~ een jaar geleden
QueenMadonna commentaar gegeven…
the 2 last commentaren are idiotic een jaar geleden