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wildchild_rids1 gaf me complimenten voor my comments
I am posting for the forum - Don't Make Me , Jackson!!!
yes ...I am the kinda new writer ..i would really appreciate it if u would check it out here's the link - link

don't forget to commentaar : geplaatst een jaar geleden
There are countless of other Heroes of Olympus clubs how did this one survive and thrive? geplaatst een jaar geleden
gwendiamond commentaar gegeven…
Because...... People liked this one better and came on this club meer often een jaar geleden
mimillama123 commentaar gegeven…
idk i guess this one was like the original een jaar geleden
HermionePiper commentaar gegeven…
^I thought this one was the seconde one een jaar geleden
wildchild_rids1 commentaar gegeven…
me too een jaar geleden
I have a question. People here have written tons of fanfics about the SoN, MoA, and HoH. But if so many of these fanfics were created shouldn't at least one have gotten close to the real book Each fanfic is like way of and RIck always surprises us. Why haven't any of those fanfics gotten close to the real book? geplaatst een jaar geleden
Spikegilfer1997 commentaar gegeven…
Rick has an open disdain for fan-fiction. een jaar geleden
Spikegilfer1997 commentaar gegeven…
Some, majority of it isn't very good. Of course people exist that can write well in anothers universe, there's plenty of examples of people doing that professionally. een jaar geleden
pink-bookworm commentaar gegeven…
Well I'd find it hard to believe if someone got it in the slightest but close. We all have our one imagination that leads to different things een jaar geleden