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Riku114 zei over Riku114
I have NEVER EVER related to Saruhiko meer than when one of my irl friends/acquaintences dragged me into a chatroom full of people I know asking for help and assistance in the future when it comes to them learning competitive Pokemon.


Geesh. That was a trip. geplaatst ·11 uren geleden
Riku114 zei over Riku114
Plans for Today:
1) Relax
2) Either go for a run of go to the fitness center
3) Play video games
4) Finish Kuroh's Manga
5) Maybe write another part to one of my two RP stories geplaatst ·17 uren geleden
wantadog commentaar gegeven…
I'm excited for #2 ·17 uren geleden
TheLefteris24 commentaar gegeven…
Nice. 2 was a surprise. A pleasant one. Gotta bring out those muscles, Girl. Work out da Booty !!!! ·17 uren geleden
Riku114 zei over Riku114
Whoooo that was a nice unintentional work out from me pacing and speaking way too fast. geplaatst ·17 uren geleden