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Riku114 zei over Random
"Our past doesn't define us. It is who we are today and the actions we make to change the future that define who we are." geplaatst ·22 uren geleden
Riku114 commentaar gegeven…
Its an old saying I would repeat like a mantra to a friend of mine when things came up about trauma of shit thats happened and honestly I just remembered it and I really like that quote. ·22 uren geleden
2ntyOnePilots commentaar gegeven…
Quality quote! Very nice. ·12 uren geleden
2ntyOnePilots gaf me complimenten voor my videos
Thanks my dude. 🤟 geplaatst ·2 dagen geleden
2ntyOnePilots zei …
Ok ok ok... let me be honest.
It’s been a tough week. (An understatement)
Uhhh a friend of mine overdosed Thursday. Her suicide attempt failed though, and she’s in the Mental hospital, no visitors. I can say, this didn’t come as a shock to me, because I know her and I’ve been supporting and doing my best to help her along for a while now. But. Still. We almost lost her this time.
I know she’s probably getting help she needs, but who wouldn’t be worried?! geplaatst ·3 dagen geleden
2ntyOnePilots commentaar gegeven…
A lot meer goes into this, and tbh, driving myself up a uithangbord door th8nking about what happened before and everything right now isn’t useful at all, nor is it healthy. ·3 dagen geleden
2ntyOnePilots commentaar gegeven…
A that to say..... I’m not really super ticked off about my case manager. Just probably trying to find something else to think/ feel / cover up with. Not that it is justified to reframe things like that. Just coping. Just insanely intensely and overwhelmingly concerned/ worried/ empathetic for her. BUT. Less so because thinking about stuff doesn’t help it when u don’t have any control over it. Honestly my brain goes “oh that sucks *dissociate* *re direct* *block out* problem not solved but fuck it” and 8m hoping to avoid the self sabotage underlying tendencies “oh wait.., I have bad history with this! *trauma brought back up* yeah! Suffering! Oh and think about: and what if: she probably is: Here’s an intensely excruciating memory to go with all that!” ·3 dagen geleden
2ntyOnePilots commentaar gegeven…
Just. Yeah. I’m alright. But... still. ·3 dagen geleden