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surbhi-sm10 gaf me complimenten voor my pop quiz questions
Glad to add another Harry Potter fan! geplaatst een jaar geleden
RonGetYourWand commentaar gegeven…
Thank you! :) een jaar geleden
surbhi-sm10 commentaar gegeven…
:-) Your welcome! een jaar geleden
omg_stop zei …
u know that people can look at all your enquête antwoorden and see what u picked, right? I just looked at yours and was surprised at how bias all your antwoorden are. u say Harry potter fans aren't condescending and Twilight fans are. u zei Harry potter fans are smarter than average and twilight fans aren't. Harry Potter deserved every single Oscar. And u vote Harry Potter for EVERYTHING!

I was surprised because u pass yourself as reasonable and open minded, but really you're not. geplaatst een jaar geleden
RonGetYourWand commentaar gegeven…
Please read the message I replied to u in. As I zei in it, I do like parts of Twilight. I also think reading in general makes u smarter. I don't think Harry Potter deserves every award in the universe. I apologize if it came off that way and thank u for speaking your mind. een jaar geleden
RonGetYourWand commentaar gegeven…
I also feel as though u believe I think Twilight fans are inferior to Harry Potter fans, which couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, most people I believe are smarter than me enjoy the Twilight saga. In fact, for a while I thought me liking Harry Potter made me inferior to my peers. Most of my vrienden don't like Harry Potter but love Twilight and I find them smart and friendly people. een jaar geleden
RonGetYourWand commentaar gegeven…
u also seem to pick the enquêtes u want to judge me on. I have some confession enquêtes where I state that I like some boeken meer than Harry Potter (Circque de Freak). I also say that I think meer frequently, Harry Potter fans are complaining about Twilight fans. I also say that I think Jacob truly loved Bella that I think Jane in the saga is misunderstood, and that I still have an attachment to Twilight even if I don't like it anymore. Again, I think u should look meer into something before u accuse me of something. Before u say thatI could have just zei that on the enquête to disprove what u said, I voted on those enquêtes about a maand ago. een jaar geleden
Hermione12353 commentaar gegeven…
I Think Harry potter is better and that harry potter should deserve every award that exists - so what We are all entiteled to an opinion and mine is that twilight suckes and dosen't deserve to be compared to harry potter but that dosen't mean I have anything against people who like twilight Just against the films themselves een jaar geleden
Dear Rick Riordan,

u are an amazing auteur and the only reason I paid attention in my ancient history class. But please, for the sake of our sanity, stop with the cliffhangers. geplaatst een jaar geleden
Hermione12353 commentaar gegeven…
I couln't agree meer !!! een jaar geleden
oracleofdelphi commentaar gegeven…
Same here een jaar geleden
xCANDYCORNx commentaar gegeven…
Still.... Dont u guys love the cliffhangers AND hate them? een jaar geleden
Okay, just a vraag but if Edward is 100 something and Bella is still a teenager wouldn't it make meer sense if their kid aged slowly? geplaatst een jaar geleden
cassie-1-2-3 commentaar gegeven…
Only if that's how genetics works, which it's not. Your age has no effect at all on how quickly your child ages. een jaar geleden
To sum it up:

1. Everyone has a right to their opinon, but they should also be able to debate peacefully with others.
2. u shouldn't try and cram a series down someone's throat. (This goes for both series.)
3. If all u have to say is '____rox and _____ suks!' u are a troll, plain and simple.
4. A character's 'sexiness' has nothing to do with the quality of a book. (This is to people on both sides.)
5. If u u state something as fact, have prove. geplaatst een jaar geleden
alexisn10 commentaar gegeven…
3. Not really. Maybe they just can't think of anything haha. een jaar geleden
cassie-1-2-3 commentaar gegeven…
I agree with everything except for 3. People who say that aren't hurting anyone. een jaar geleden
cunha27 commentaar gegeven…
If it enhances the enjoyment of a book for the reader then logically it makes it better for the reader. Therefore it does affect the quality of the book, making it a perfectly logical criterion door which to judge a book. I agree with u that if that's the only thing they have to recommend it then it doesn't say much for zei book, however it's my experience that if a writer manages to successfully create a character their readers find sexy, then they're likely to also be insightful, good writers. I see nothing different between someone saying they prefer a book to another because they enjoy the writing style of one book to saying they prefer a book because it has a sexier character in it. It just has to do with what the reader enjoys and looks for in a book. een jaar geleden
Helena-B-Carter gaf me complimenten voor my images
Totally agree with LogicalAmbition! geplaatst een jaar geleden
RonGetYourWand commentaar gegeven…
Thanks :) een jaar geleden
LogicalAmbition gaf me complimenten voor my videos
Your motto cannot be meer true. geplaatst een jaar geleden
RonGetYourWand commentaar gegeven…
Thanks :) een jaar geleden
Seddie4Ever gaf me complimenten voor my polls
I love your usename. xD geplaatst een jaar geleden
RonGetYourWand commentaar gegeven…
Thank u :) een jaar geleden
Okay, I have a question. Can anyone explain why Fred and George never told their brother that a guy named 'Peter' was in his dorm at night? Don't get me wrong, I'm a Potterhead but I still don't get it. geplaatst een jaar geleden
zar_far11 commentaar gegeven…
Lol ive wondered that forever!! Not only is peter in their dorm, but he sleeps with ron every night but still fred and george dont bring it up of judge him! ;) een jaar geleden
yelloweden commentaar gegeven…
Well, it;s not like Ron actually sleeps with Pettigrew right on his shoulder. He is probably put somewhere so that he doesn't run away, making it look like there was just someone named Peter Pettigrew in the dorm. een jaar geleden
zar_far11 commentaar gegeven…
O wait i dound this out a couple days ago... Fred & george only used the marauder's map for mischeif, so they didnt pay attention to anyone else. They didnt notice any "peter pettigrew". Also, they didnt know the story of peter & how he was supposed 2 b dead, so they didnt make a big deal that there was a guy named peter in their dorm. Also they dont know every1 @ hogwarts so they didnt know who peter was. een jaar geleden