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SwordofIzanami zei over Random
Jesus Christ, these Eeveelution fans needed to calm the fuck down. Majority of the Eeveelution fans (not including CokeTheUmbreon) were blindly nagging at a PokeYouTuber for uploading a video about Glaceon being bad at competitive. Can't these people be reasonable and grow up already?

link geplaatst ·14 uren geleden
BlindBandit92 commentaar gegeven…
Fandoms that are reasonable? They exist?? ·14 uren geleden
zanhar1 commentaar gegeven…
^ ·12 uren geleden
SwordofIzanami zei over Random
Can someone please tiebreak the countdown enquête I have posted? I don't want to make a tiebreaker enquête and wait for a dag of two.

link geplaatst ·4 dagen geleden
Karoii-chan commentaar gegeven…
Hope that solves your issue! ·4 dagen geleden
SwordofIzanami zei over Random
Am I lucky that one of my video game series had always released the games on my birthday month? Because I always had an excuse to buy as my birthday present. geplaatst ·6 dagen geleden
ben15delas commentaar gegeven…
That's awesome ·6 dagen geleden