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annyeong my zeppie babe,

I am back yeah!!!!
how was ya Christmas and silvester?
merry Christmas and happy new jaar again
now new flat is ready
no meer stress Yippie ~~~
how are u and whats new?
how about ya love =D

buing buing heartsigns to u
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Ya not kruis platform yes. But the ride that goes backwards and in the dark is fun lol. The one I went upside down in the dark didn't go backwards at least lol. So both rides aren't that bad right. :P I se makes sense but there's something there for everyone honestly and. Smite might become kruis platform in the future but as of right now nope. Yea it is alot like league. And the game not as openly toxic as league either. geplaatst 路4 dagen geleden
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Yup lvl 84 on one of my main characters. It's a fun place. They really put alot of thought in everything. One place made u feel like u were going all over the world. Only like 10 countries but still. Went on roller coasters. that went upside,in the dark,upside down in the dark,backwards. Lol there was even an avatar (movie with blue people) ride there. That was breathtaking. And honestly the guild really isn't active. I am just really really trying to give it a go with recruiting once more. geplaatst 路4 dagen geleden
BlindBandit92 commentaar gegeven…
I hope u come over eventually to visit disney. The night time shows are out of this world too. 路4 dagen geleden
BlindBandit92 commentaar gegeven…
I used to play smite heavily a few years ago. I can download it once my laptop is fixed and we can play. Idc if you're a noob lol. 路4 dagen geleden
BlindBandit92 commentaar gegeven…
Pretty sure like 90% sure it's kruis platform 路4 dagen geleden
BlindBandit92 commentaar gegeven…
Nvm I was incorect sadly it isn't kruis platform 路4 dagen geleden
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Ah I see np. Still trying to get guildies I've successfully got a few meer but I am trying even harder to get some. As much as I like being door myself it's a shame only a few are really enjoying the guild at atm. I am trying to get it to lvl 5 though. I finally got lvl 80 equipment guns and finally forted 2 weapons lvl 80. Guns and a katana lol. Other than that I've been helping alot of newbies in dungeons among other things. Irl just dealing with the cold. geplaatst 路4 dagen geleden
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And I need to get my laptop fixed as the thing that gives the machine a connection to the cord has been inadvertenedly pushed back so using my desktop. Idk if u know but recently I went to disneyworld with my family. I got mementos and I was gonna post the rest of the pictures up but I alas keep forgetting. 路4 dagen geleden
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I hope u get a laptop soon. I mised the times we'd play together and chill ^^. Nowadays I am strong enough to run u through parties np np now ^^ 路4 dagen geleden
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hallo zeppie are u coming to ah anytime soon of are still trying to get a computer? Also how have u been? It's been a while since we've talked. geplaatst 路9 dagen geleden
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ak" 路9 dagen geleden
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u won Round 9 of the icoon Contest! Congratulations! Let either myself of Riku know what u would like the volgende round to be. geplaatst 路12 dagen geleden
Zeppie zei over Random
Double dates feel a bit weird.
As if you're lowkey competing with each other with who is the cuter couple and who does meer romantic gestures.
Definitely interesting though lmao. geplaatst 路19 dagen geleden
Mauserfan1910 commentaar gegeven…
I've never been on a double date... not unless u count that one time I went on a datum with two guys 路18 dagen geleden
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馃巵鉂勶笍MERRY CHRISTMAS 鈽冿笍馃巹 geplaatst 路24 dagen geleden
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I share the same birthday with Yui. geplaatst 茅茅n maand geleden 1
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It is alright. I'm late again so I apologize as well.

Touhou is a Video Games Series that mostly consists of the Bullet Hell Genre. There are also a few Fighting entries. It is about a Shrine Maiden who manages the border of a fictional realm inhabited door Humans and Y艒kai (Supernatural Beings). Her duty is to fend off any antagonistic action that threatens this World's balance. There is a different incident in each of the Games which most of them are downloadable for the PC so far... geplaatst 茅茅n maand geleden 1
TheLefteris24 commentaar gegeven…
There isn't much of a deep / complex plot but it is still there and the Characters are unique in their own way (It is full of Waifus XD). u could say that u are mostly playing for the sake of just having fun with it and testing your skills. Think of them meer like Retro Mini Games (Especially the Bullet Hell ones. The Fighting entries have meer of a Story, Development and Character variety going on actually). Just take a glimpse from a walkthrough and you'll immediately see what I mean !!!! 茅茅n maand geleden 1
TheLefteris24 commentaar gegeven…
Also, a few Fanmade anime and Manga have been made too along with other Games. Some of them can serve as a really good introduction to the Series. Overall, I find the franchise to be great and pretty enjoyable. I would definitely recommend it if u happen to be a fan of the aforementioned aspects !!!! 茅茅n maand geleden 1