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_Ms_Reneta_ zei over Damon & Elena
2.4 ratings...wth is this?! geplaatst een jaar geleden
TVlover10 commentaar gegeven…
I was just about to post the same thing. I can't believe it? How are the ratings dropping? Also the other dag it zei "My brothers keeper" got 3.20 million viewers now it's saying it only go 2.86? :S What's going on? :(:( een jaar geleden
alexx30 commentaar gegeven…
maybe because of stelena, and forwood of because they thought this sirebond would be awful :/ een jaar geleden
_Ms_Reneta_ zei over Damon & Elena
omg DE romance guys... geplaatst een jaar geleden
team_tonks commentaar gegeven…
Geeking out!! :D een jaar geleden
loveofdelena commentaar gegeven…
i know!! they just get better, and better everytime i watch them!!! i hope the writer's aren't stupid enough to bring shitty stelena back together!!! een jaar geleden
link please guys don't forget to vote for paul! He's extremely talented and I want him to win this yeaaar soo badly! vote vote vote geplaatst een jaar geleden