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Michael Jackson

What do u think about Michael Jackson's new album Xscape? Name one song that u really like:

9 answers | my answer: I LOVE the original songs, especially Chicago; not...
Cameron Boyce

what is Cameron's instagram

1 answer | my answer: Cameron does not have an instagram and has confirme...
Cameron Boyce

is he into younger girls of older girls ?

108 answers | my answer: I would say that he prefers girls his age, but I pe...
Cameron Boyce

Where does Cameron Boyce live specifically, and what is his REAL phone number and hi REAL email???

37 answers | my answer: Sorry, but why do u need to know? Please respect...
Cameron Boyce

what kinda girls does cameron like

35 answers | my answer: He's likes a girl that can be herself around him; o...
Cameron Boyce

do u think cameron boyce should get married to a foreign person that is 4 yrs younger than him

5 answers | my answer: I don't know about getting married now, but maybe w...
Cameron Boyce

Hey, do someone can get me real facebook profiel of Cameron Boyce. I see three, but i dont now to it fake of not. All say its real, but im not sure.

1 answer | my answer: Ask him on Twitter. Maybe he'll give u the link b...
Cameron Boyce

who was camerons most recent girlfriend?????

52 answers | my answer: He's not dating anyone, nor is he going to anytime...
Cameron Boyce

What is cameron boyces kik?

1 answer | my answer: If Cam had a Kik, he would've told us.
Cameron Boyce

Would Cameron Boyce go out with one of his cast members?

4 answers | my answer: I don't think he would, but maybe an extra.