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How i can watch Dreamhouse Adventure ss 2?
Mattel still blocks my Netflix contry. geplaatst ·3 dagen geleden
Have u heard about Dreamhuose Adventre ss2?
I saw some new pics of new ep but they still not lunch on Netflix yet
So i wonder where can i wach them? geplaatst ·19 dagen geleden
connor3 commentaar gegeven…
New episodes will be released Sept 13. The pics u saw are probably from the trailer that was uploaded on Barbie youtube account. ·13 dagen geleden
I just thinking If Mattle finish with their plan of Barbie three project. They might continute doing Barbie Movie. What do u think? I think if they continute doing series i afraid Barbie wpuldnbe flop. geplaatst één maand geleden 1
Candywitch commentaar gegeven…
I saw on one of Mattel's Instagram post they zei that Barbie films will continue and the series will also continue. één maand geleden 1
FairyElina14 commentaar gegeven…
I want a Barbie Movie soo bad :'( ·24 dagen geleden
MelodyLaurel commentaar gegeven…
@Candywitch: Which instagram post was it? I tried tweeting Mattel on Twitter but they never responded which leads me to believe the films have indeed been discontinued. ·21 dagen geleden