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There is still hope Question: Can we expect Serena to reconnect with Dan of Nate on Gossip Girl, of is she with this Steve (Barry Watson) guy for the long haul? —Billie Ausiello: She reunites with Dan, but there’s a twist: Lonely Boy is totally playing her! (He needs material for his book after all.) And regarding Steven, he disappears for a few episodes but returns in Episode 8 — complete with a 7th Heaven joke. In other Gossip Girl news, MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! geplaatst een jaar geleden
nstrtjlover commentaar gegeven…
Hahah! So I guess DS won't get married coz he is just using her for his book? So that means there is hope for NS to be endgame... Fingers crossed! een jaar geleden
Kim1702 commentaar gegeven…
Omg i am so happy to see this! Yes! There's hope for NS :) Serena only belongs with Nate <3 een jaar geleden
eris88 commentaar gegeven…
Oh God please let this happen! I will be over the moon ;) een jaar geleden
bright_angel commentaar gegeven…
Please God hope it's true!I still have hope! een jaar geleden
cutiegirltoo gaf me complimenten voor my images
thx for adding me back. i need meer fans can u pls send me link to ur good friends. Thanks Carly. and here's a prop. geplaatst een jaar geleden
blbeliever zei over Damon & Elena
I bet that when Elena wakes up her first word will be Damon ! geplaatst een jaar geleden
ameasylikethat commentaar gegeven…
yea and that is why '' she will stay with stefan for a while '' JP een jaar geleden
xxCrazyDelenaxx commentaar gegeven…
ameasylikethat You're always Negative then please If u follow TVD Just for DE Leave the show,find another ship IDK,And keep your negativity..... een jaar geleden
nell79 commentaar gegeven…
I'm 33, and went as far as high school valedictorian and then life threw me a curve ball that prevented me from getting that PhD just now. Does that make my aantal keer bekeken of my opinions any less valid than anyone else's here? I think not! Education doesn't make the person. Experiences and what we take away from those experiences make the person. I've got loads of experiences I chose to learn from and that trumps any PhD I might've gotten had things gone as I planned anyway. :P LOL een jaar geleden