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hallo everybody! I got super emotional over the last episode so I decided to make this video. I hope u guys check it out & hopefully it will make u feel a little better about Delena :) geplaatst een jaar geleden
DelenaLove201_ commentaar gegeven…
Thank u :) een jaar geleden
HaleyDewit commentaar gegeven…
beautiful job, dear een jaar geleden
"I can't live without her." -Damon about Elena
this has to be one of the most beautiful quotes Damon has ever zei regarding Elena. There is just so much emotion in that one sentence. That one sentence tells about his love for her and his heartache. Delena may not have had many scenes this episode but in a way this episode has so much DE. Their relationship & bond is present oddly in the way that Stefan helps them realize they need & love each other. geplaatst een jaar geleden
brokenheartlove commentaar gegeven…
On another note: this episode happens to be my favoriete door far because it was just so damn funny! && seeing everyone back was just awesome- especially Jenna ( I missed her!) & the episode made me cry so many times. It was interesting to see Kat as the main storyline character instead of Elena for a change. een jaar geleden
thisthat12 commentaar gegeven…
Oh, I feel the other way around xD een jaar geleden
loveofdelena commentaar gegeven…
i dont know, stefan's sudden change in personality, just seems very forced to me. it had no buildup at all!! it just came out of nowhere. een jaar geleden
I love how Damon just smiles at Elena in the beginning and Elena asks him what that look is for and he says he's happy. I have NEVER EVER EVER seen him smile like that. Not to any of the women before Elena. He looks so in love and Elena looks so carefree and happy. I'm floating on air guys! They make each other so happy! geplaatst een jaar geleden
loveofdelena commentaar gegeven…
i know!!! they are soooo beautiful that i could seriously cry!! een jaar geleden
ggdelena commentaar gegeven…
i was so happy that he was happy een jaar geleden
hallo guys! Check out my new Damon & Elena video :) It features 4x06 & 4x07! I would really appreciate it if u took the time to watch it! Thank u <3 link geplaatst een jaar geleden
lovesobrev commentaar gegeven…
its really good hunny....:) een jaar geleden
ggdelena commentaar gegeven…
awesome een jaar geleden
I have a feeling that when Elena finds out about Stefan's deal she might get angry. I don't know why but I have a feeling that Elena will eventually get used to being a vampire and will learn to like it therefore when she finds out that Stefan made this deal and put a whollotta people in danger, she will be pissed and she'll realize the only person she can really count on to not go behind her back is Damon. Just a theory :) geplaatst een jaar geleden
Manonx commentaar gegeven…
I hope so... because I really dislike the whole cure thing. It's just so lame... especially the fact that they find out there is one right after Elena became a vampire. een jaar geleden
hallo Guys! I have decided to create a 101 reasons to ship Delena video! :) To remind us DE fans why we love them so much. I wanted to ask for some of your imput. What are some reasons why u ship Delena? :) && give me a few quotes if u will and the episode their from, that would help me so much! thanks guys! <3 geplaatst een jaar geleden
alexx30 commentaar gegeven…
brokenheartlove commentaar gegeven…
oh yeah, I just saw that video, but I got inspired to make it because of the Leyton101 reasons video. I was going to do it a bit differently door compiling a collab with all the best Delena vidders out there :) een jaar geleden
crazyd88 commentaar gegeven…
Can u post a link purty please? :) een jaar geleden
clairmxxx commentaar gegeven…
omg best idea everrrrrrrrrrrrrr .. i saw the stelena one and tbh i was seriously curious as to what reasons they are to ship SE especially over DE and some of the reasons they had listed were seriously WEAK!!!! i didn't watch it all so idk all the reasons but the ones i read were pretty lame. een jaar geleden
hallo guys, I'm really sorry to barge in here, but can I please ask that u guys think twice before posting hurtful commentaren on Delena spot wall? I don't want a shipping war. geplaatst een jaar geleden
LuCe60bis commentaar gegeven…
???? een jaar geleden
iLauren commentaar gegeven…
There is no shipping war, u guys have a troll. A troll pretending to be a Bamon fan, because we're the official scapegoats of this stupid fandom een jaar geleden
Wahinetoa commentaar gegeven…
Agree with iLauren, I've never seen them on here of spoken with them. meld them - we've got nothing to do with, nor support that kind of disrespect to anyone. Good luck with getting them reported! een jaar geleden

Please kom bij the Nick & Adam spot :) geplaatst een jaar geleden
New Spot for Nick & Adam

kom bij for highlights of TSC's hottest men! ;) geplaatst een jaar geleden
hallo guys! I made a new Delena video! I hope u like it :D link geplaatst een jaar geleden