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ster Wars

Why aren't episodes 1-3 as loved as the other ones?

7 answers | my answer: I've never understood the hate the prequels and Jar...

who mickeys girlfriend

34 answers | my answer: Minnie muis

I need some help with a song...

11 answers | my answer: itunes has it, plus the whole original soundtrack.

How come we never see Belle's mother in Beauty and the Beast?

10 answers | my answer: I think her mom died. But really very few of the pr...

Why are their so many animated 3d cartoon than the classic cartoons?

11 answers | my answer: 3D is a whole lot cheaper than 2D. Because u don'...

Can anyone tell me about the nationality of each Disney Princess, please? For example: Belle from France. Thanks a lot.

58 answers | my answer: Megera- Greece Esmerelda- France Jane- England (...

whats your favoriete top, boven 3 disney animated films???

67 answers | my answer: I guess Pinnochio, Snow White, and 101 Dalmatians

What was the last Disney film u bought?

18 answers | my answer: I bought Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs last month.

In honor of Toy Story 3, rank all the Pixar films in order of your most fav. to least favorite.

6 answers | my answer: 1.Toy Story 2.Cars 3.Toy Story 2 4.A Bugs Life...

I needd youuurrrrzz opinionzzzz on Disney Villians!!!!!! :O

7 answers | my answer: Definitely Ursula!