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Umm hi! im writing a story and i like it, but i need an opinion, but i dnt knwo if i shud post it cause im afraiid it'll suck..shud i type it up?

10 answers | my answer: yeah u should but im channy so i waan make a story...
Hannah Montana

what is ur favoriete hannah montana song ?

23 answers | my answer: mine is gotta get this with iyaz

if u love singing what is your faveorite song one song

43 answers | my answer: i love the song your my biggest fan door nick jonas o...

RANDOM AWARDS(Read details for instructions)

9 answers | my answer: i found a quarter and then i saw a flying pig after...

Give Me A Name For A Boy

24 answers | my answer: 1.karl 2.kendall 3.zeke 4.mitchell 5.chad 6.bob 7.n...

What song is stuck in your head ((atm))

42 answers | my answer: Ke$ha dinosaur

Did u Ever Meet A Famous Person?, Like A Singer of Something...If u Did..Who Was IT?, BUt If u Never Met Someone Famous, Who Do u Want To Meet?

81 answers | my answer: i met joe jonas but it turns out it was not him it...

if u Could change your username,Whatw ould u change it to?

28 answers | my answer: neonluver<3

whats the most dangerous thing u have ever done ?? if u answer i'll give u complimenten lol i really will...

29 answers | my answer: i almost got struck door lighting i just stepped out...

whats your favourite boy name?

45 answers | my answer: seth,drew,or ethan oh and kendall,james,carlos,and...